11 Best Jobs for Single Moms 2024

If you are a single mom, let’s start by recognizing you have the hardest job(s) in the world. Finding work that can be accommodating to your life might feel impossible, but I promise you, there are options!  

Thanks to a move towards remote work, there are tons of career fields to choose from. Sales, marketing, customer service, graphic design– no matter your work preferences, there is likely something that will fit your needs and wants. 

Before we dive in, it’s important to think about what qualities matter most to you for the season of life you (and your kids) are in. For instance, the age of your kids and their development will make a big difference in the type of work you might be drawn to. Here are some other qualities to keep in mind. 

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Qualities to look for in your job as a single mom

These qualities may rank differently for you depending on your preferences and specific situation, but in general, these are the qualities to look for in a new job as a single mom. As you go through the list of jobs it might be helpful to make note of which quality is the most important to you and which is the least, and then choose your favorites based on how they fit into your ranking system. 


If you have a young one that requires 24/7 care, remote work would be highly recommended. Thankfully, in the last few years, remote work has become more and more accessible and even the norm in some career fields. 


Kids don’t follow a consistent schedule. Whether it’s sick days or waking up throughout the night and refusing to sleep through a nap– these things happen. You might need a job that can be flexible. Jobs where you can get the task done on your own time are ideal to mesh your work hours with your kids’ needs. 

Room to grow 

If you are a single-income household, you’ll want a career where you can grow. If it’s with a specific company or just an opportunity to develop your skillset, knowing that you are working towards a higher income now is super important. Similarly, you don’t really want to start a new job and reach your earning cap right out the gate, unless you have to. 

Good healthcare 

This is America and our healthcare is tied to our income. I don’t make the rules, I don’t necessarily like the rules, but these are the rules we must live by for the time being. A lot of work recommended for single moms is freelance or client based, and I think those can be great options! However, I would be remiss not to include this as part of the puzzle.  

Easy to get started 

If you need a job, most likely you don’t have time and resources to go through 10 years of schooling to become a doctor. And if you are a single mom, you might not have a ton of time to invest in education options, even if they are free. While any career transition might require some preparation, it’s important to take this time into consideration when you are selecting your next job.

The best jobs for single moms 

1. Graphic designer 

Pros: Often remote and a great way to stretch those creative muscles, graphic designing might be a great fit for you! There are lots of ways to go about graphic design as well– whether you want to work remotely for a company or start your own business as a freelancer, there are options. 

Cons: If you are a freelance graphic designer, finding clients can come with its own set of dilemmas. Additionally, this can be a somewhat competitive field to break into and might require you to do some projects for a lower compensation if you don’t already have a portfolio. 

2. Nanny

Pros: Working with kids can feel so rewarding! If you have a child already in the same age range as the family you nanny for, this can be a great way to prioritize your role as a mother and make money at the same time. 

Cons: Nannying is never going to be remote (duh), and depending on where you live, the pay expectations can vary greatly. Sickness is also difficult to navigate when working with children and sick pay can be a tricky topic for many nannies and their nanny families to tackle. 

Additionally, this job can be physically and emotionally exhausting. However, if you have a child already the same age as the children you nanny, it could end up transferring some of the load off of your shoulders as your child develops a friendship with the nanny kids.   

3. Bookkeeper

Pros: It can be fairly easy to get started in bookkeeping and there is plenty of opportunity for growth. If you want work that is a little challenging or gets your brain working, you might enjoy this line of work. With some experience, you could make as much as $60 per hour!  

Cons: Most likely, you will need to seek some form of education or certification to get started bookkeeping, meaning, you might not be able to start today. Additionally, it is common for bookkeepers to work long hours during peak seasons.  

4. Social media manager

Pros: Often remote this role can allow you the flexibility to stay home with your children or work when you have care. It’s also a great experience to have on your resumé and there is a ton of free education available for you to continue to develop your skillset. 

Cons: Like other freelance work, social media management can sometimes be a bit tricky to get started in. Additionally, if you don’t enjoy social media or are trying to cut back on your screen time, this is just not the right fit for you. 

5. Therapist 

Pros: As remote care has increased in popularity, therapists have the opportunity to earn a high hourly rate from the comfort of their homes. Mental health is also a field that has endless opportunities for growth. There are options to be a school counselor and be on the same school schedule as your children, open a private practice, or even work as a supervisor who provides training and feedback to new counselors. 

Cons: The cost to enter is high. To become a licensed therapist, you have to go through years of schooling, licensing, and supervision. But if that’s an option, the long-term payoffs might be worth it to you. 

6. Real estate agent

Pros: Real estate agents have nearly infinite opportunities to increase their income. A lot of the work can be done remotely, and in some circumstances, your kids might be able to join you on outings or showings. 

Cons: Inconsistent income can be tricky for a single-income family. Learning to plan and budget with income that varies from month to month takes time and a bit of trial and error. Additionally, this can be a super time-consuming career without clear time on and off the clock. 

7. Programmer

Pros: Remote is the name of the game. Programmers also tend to have a high satisfaction rate with their job and often have salaries higher than the national average. As a mom, you probably already have a high aptitude for problem-solving and that is one of the number one skills needed to be a programmer. Why not take your real-life skillset and get paid for it? 

Cons: Obviously, no one is born knowing how to program. Programming jobs usually don’t require formal education, but you will have to learn the basics before applying. Programming can be a competitive field to get started in, but once you have your foot in the door, it’s amazing what can open up to you. 

8. Virtual assistant 

Pros: Virtual assistants can often enjoy flexible schedules and hours that fit their personal needs. In many cases, the work can be a bit repetitive, which might be a plus for a single mom juggling a lot on her plate already. 

Cons: Virtual assistants can sometimes struggle with job security (think: contracted roles) and might run into problems with work-life balance. A lot of this position depends on who you are assisting, but if you can find the right match, this can be an amazing job for single moms. 

9. Remote customer service jobs 

Pros: Sort of like Uber or DoorDash, there are options in this field that allow you to hop on and work when you have the time, and log off when you need to. 

Cons: If you go for an option that is flexible, you might not always have guaranteed hours or consistent pay. Additionally, it might require you to have your own gear and setup. Many of these jobs require you to have a laptop, but if you choose a customer service job that is phone-based, you may also need to have a microphone and headset.  

10. Travel consultant

Pros: Being a travel consultant can be a fun job as you learn so much about the world of travel. You get to play a role in helping people build their dream vacations and often work from anywhere in the world, on your own schedule. 

Cons: In this role, you are often responsible for drumming up your own business. This can look like hours worked… that don’t necessarily equate to pay earned. Additionally, there is often inconsistent income and peak seasons/slow seasons. 

11. Sales jobs

Pros: Lots of these jobs can be remote and have high compensation. Plus, it’s rewarding to see your hard work literally translate into additional income (re: commission checks). 

Cons: Be intentional about which industry you pursue your sales career in. For example, medical sales often require lots of travel. Tech sales, however, tend to be remote, but when getting started can require overtime. The best way to find out? Reach out to people in the position you are interested in. They may even be able to set up an interview for you. 

If you are a single mom interested in sales, I would also recommend finding a position that has a base pay, instead of being 100% commission. 

Final thoughts

Finding a job that fits your needs as a single mom might feel overwhelming, but there are tons of options once you know where to look. Knowing your primary goals and the qualities you are looking for will help you refine your search. If you have the opportunity to, this might also be a good time to ask yourself what you want in a job. 


Do you want something where you can grow your income exponentially (like sales or real estate), or do you want something where you can be with your kids all day (like nannying or other remote work options)? Do you want to work with people, or do you prefer to get your work done quietly without interruptions? 


If you are a single mom and looking for ways to build wealth, I also have a free guide here that has tons of resources for you. I have seen so many women build wealth while being a single parent, and I’d love to encourage you that you can too! 


If you know of a role that we didn’t list here that has been helpful for you, leave a comment below! Something I’ve always admired about single moms is the way they share information and build each other up. I have endless respect for single parents– it’s a tough job and your kids are lucky to have you! 

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