Clo Bare sitting in chair laughing


Welcome to The Bare.

Hi, I’m Clo Bare, also known as Chloé, and this is a blog about adulting.

On The Bare, I write about my personal experiences with body image, mental health, existential crises, relationships, dating, and even money sometimes. There’s a lot of profanity, a bit of oversharing, but most of all, there’s a LOT of vulnerabilities.

I write about the tough stuff because I think we don’t talk about the things that really matter. We’re plagued with perfectly curated social media feeds even though life is so much more freakin’ complex from what we choose to show the world. The highlight reel can be incredibly isolating, and not talking about the tough stuff is damaging in all the ways we don’t show on Instagram.

So, I’m doing it.

Think of this as the anti-highlight where I get real honest with some of the things I struggle with.

There are some triumphs.

There are some lows.

There are some majorly embarrassing fuck-ups.

But in all of that, there’s a whole lot of learning.

Thanks for stopping by.

Don’t be afraid to drop me a message, post a comment, or slip into my DM’s. I’m here telling my story to grow, but also to let you know you’re not alone in this weird ass world of adulting.

I hope you find what you’re looking for <3

All my love,

Clo Bare