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Hi, I’m Clo Bare Money Coach, also known as Chloé Daniels.

Have you ever noticed how money touches every part of our lives? 

On The Bare, we talk about all things finance related so that you can pursue the life of your dreams (without $$$ standing in the way). 

Here, there’s a lot of profanity, and a bit of oversharing, but most of all, there’s a LOT of ready-to-use tips and education.

Since I started this blog in 2017, I have shared:



Some majorly embarrassing moments. 

And how I have managed to go from $80k in debt…

To helping thousands of clients gain financial freedom. 

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Who is Clo Bare?

I’m Clo Bare Money Coach, also known as Chloé. In October 2021, I quit my job in marketing and communications to pursue my passion for teaching people how to money full time. 

I’m a financial educator, focusing on teaching folks how to take control of their money issues and start letting their money work for them. 

Teaching people how to money is what gives me life. It’s my true, greatest passion and something I would’ve never started doing if it hadn’t been for The Bare.

Back in 2017, I used this blog to work through some pretty heavy PTSD, body image issues, and relationship problems. I chronicled my therapy journey as well as my relationship journey– from giving up on a relationship to navigating my way through dating after trauma. 

As the wounds began to heal, the blog started to take on a different form…

I used to be terrible with money.

Money was DEFINITELY one of those things that I had to fix about my life because I used to be TERRIBLE with money. I knew it wasn’t something I could ignore because money was something that caused me a lot of stress and anxiety in my life. 

The longer I blogged about owning my shit to fix it, the more I wanted to deal with my money issues and write about it.

So, in October 2018, just a few months after starting a job that made me realize I actually MIGHT be able to pay off my student loans someday, I started budgeting and I started writing about budgeting. 

When I first started sharing my spending reports online, I didn’t realize that I was also starting a journey toward educating thousands of clients on financial literacy. 

I definitely did not realize that I would fall in love with personal finance. 

And I absolutely did not think that I was uncovering my hidden talent: helping others go from “I’m so overwhelmed!” to finding peace. 

Peace because they don’t feel ruled by their finances. 

Peace because they know how to use money as a tool.

Peace because their wealth is going up, and, best of all?

They are doing it the lazy way.

Clo Bare Money Coach

My “Debt-Free by 33” Plan

Originally, when I started my debt-free by thirty-three plan, my BIGGEST motivator was to become debt-free so I could quit working and travel the world for a few years. 

I still didn’t really understand anything about money, or investing– I just understood how to not spend money so that I could put more on debt. 

I didn’t want to travel with massive student loan debt, so I decided to start dedicating huge chunks of my paycheck to debt payoff. 

As time went on, I discovered the FIRE Community (Financial Independence Retire Early Community). At first, I was kind of like “yeah that’s cool but there’s no way I could ever do that, these people are crazy!” 

But…I COULD NOT stop reading all the blogs of these people who retired in their 50s, 40s, or even their 30s to travel or live on a homestead in Vermont. 

Who doesn’t want financial freedom?! I caught the research bug and became obsessed with figuring out how I could not only get out of debt but build wealth

Like real wealth. 

Like feed my dog organic fresh food, buy whatever I want at Sephora, take my parents on vacation wealth. (Check, check, and check, BTW)

I’m a huge believer that the people we are most jealous of are the people we want to be like.

And I was JEALOUS as hell of these two millennials who retired before they hit thirty and have been traveling the world ever since. 

So I decided– if they could do it, there’s no reason I couldn’t at least TRY.

And that’s when I started getting REALLY serious about my money. 

I decided to start living off of less than half my income in order to use the rest to pay off debt, save and invest. 

I started reading everything I could about investing and retirement accounts, and how to be more frugal in order to save even more money. 

I started organizing meetups for people who wanted to talk about the FIRE movement. 

I started coaching people how to do the same. 

And that led me here to meet you.

I’m going to guess you can probably relate to my story at least a little


Because financial literacy isn’t taught to us. Unless you had parents that really got it, most of us don’t have a clue what we are doing.

(Can I offer you a very empathetic “You’re doing great, sweetie!”)

But maybe you are ready to change your relationship with money once and for all. 

Maybe you have been obsessively reading about budgeting and the stock market, or maybe you are just getting started. But you know one thing…

You can’t keep doing what you have always been doing. 

Maybe you haven’t even let yourself dream about how life could look if you did change your relationship with your finances, but I am here to tell you…

It’s more than possible. And it’s easier than you might think. 

You don’t have to live on half your paycheck like I did.

You need a game plan that works for your life. One you can stick to. One that empowers you. One that not only makes sense but makes you excited about your finances. 

That’s what financial education can do. 

Give you power. 

Give you options.

Give you hope. 

Here we are today. 

I’ve spent thousands of hours learning about personal finance, completely transformed my relationship with money, and increased my net worth by $300k in just a few years.

Now, I successfully coach thousands of:

  • creatives who “never thought they could be good with money”,
  • career-oriented women who want to know that their money is working for them but don’t know where to start,
  • college students, 
  • and even 5-years away from retiring couples.

Basically, if you feel “bad with money” but you want that to change? You are in the right place.  

I am a Personal Finance Coach who has managed to go from being $80k in debt, having only $2k in cash between my savings and checking, and a total of $10k in my 401k to paying off $40k in debt in two years, paying for five international trips and more than a dozen domestic trips in cash, and having more than $200k saved in my 401k and retirement investments. 

I’m on track to retire by 46 and be completely debt-free by 33.

There are tons of resources on the blog and even more in my free guide (psst…you can get that here)

Let’s get you money. Head over to the blog to get started.

Here’s to getting you compound interest and dividends, 

Clo Bare

“This is Great Chlo, But How Does it Help Me?”

Meet Cassie: A Lazy Investor. 

In less than two months she’s:

  • Figured out how to implement a backdoor Roth IRA
  • Stopped hoarding cash and started making that money work for her
  • She’s on track to invest $40k this year
  • She asked her financial advisor informed questions, which resulted in her being fired by him– which was a huge win because she is no longer paying fees or having her funds mismanaged by him
  • She’s also managing her OWN investments on her own accord

You can hear her full story here. 



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