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    One Year of Budgeting Review! Plus Summer Spending Reports

    ONE YEAR OF BUDGETING IS NOW COMPLETE! And I’m back from break! Finally! The two months went by as fast as a blink but it also feels like it’s been forever since I’ve blogged.

    I’m not going to dive too much into how taking a break went. What I’ll say is, I read a lot. Spent more time with friends than I have in a while. Read a bit more. Wrote a lot. Missed blogging. Went to Mexico and Michigan. Hung out. And spent a lot of time working my 9 to 5.

    It was pretty great, but at times I wondered how I ever managed to get a post up a week. Getting back into it worried me I wouldn’t have what it takes to do it all over again, but I know that’s just a thought to move beyond.

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