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Budgeting Bare: March 2020 Spending Report

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The March 2020 Spending Report numbers are in, and holy shit, did I spend a lot of money in March. Between putting down a hefty apartment deposit (one and a half month’s rent– ouch) and moving (YAY!), I spent a little more than eight grand last month and my bank account is hurting. I’m ready to start spending less and saving more after an expensive month. Since we’re in lockdown because of COVID19, I think I’ll be able to successfully spend next to nothing on entertainment, travel, and transportation. 

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Budgeting Bare

5 (FREE!) Resources to Learn How to Manage Your Money

Stuck inside due to Coronavirus quarantine? Tired of Netflix binges and scrolling through your Instagram? What a great time to learn something new, perhaps something like how to manage your money, eh? Perhaps something about this “financial independence” nonsense…

Clo Bare February 2020 Spending Report
Budgeting Bare

Budgeting Bare: February 2020 Spending Report

February 2020 was a decent month where I FINALLY succeeded in spending some quality time with myself! Which means I also spent a little less money than normal, helping with my yearly budget totals. In this February 2020 Spending…

Budgeting Bare

Budgeting Bare: January 2020 Spending Report

January 2020 spending report numbers are in, and… drumroll please… it was an expensive month for one-off expenses. I spent nearly $5k in January, about $2k of which wasn’t exactly planned. Taxes hit (spoiler alert: I did not get…

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