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    Self-Proclaimed Nice Guys, and other D-Bags to Avoid

    In my 28-years of being alive and being single through a solid chunk of it, I’ve had the pleasure of dating a variety of dudes. I’ve dated the d-bags. Dated some good guys. I’ve dated some great guys but bad matches, and I’ve also dated some freaks, geeks and total weirdos (in the best and worst ways). It’s hard to nail down my type if you lined up a row of dudes I’ve dated, even if just briefly. It’s a wide array but there’s always certain types that I always run into. But you know what I’ve also encountered a lot of in my years of dating and have been plagued by lately? The self-proclaimed “Nice Guy” dealing with a heavy dose of “Nice Guy Syndrome”.

    Cue the GROANs and prepare yourself for a slightly self-indulgent rant about “nice guys.”

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