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Spending Reports

what I spend in a month november 2020

What I Spend a Month in Chicago, IL: November 2020

What does a millennial in Chicago, Illinois spend in a month? In this spending report, Clo Bare lists out and explains every expense she had in November 2020, and includes what worked and what didn’t with her finances.

What I Spend a Month in Chicago: January 2021

What does a millennial in Chicago spend per month? Clo Bare analyzes her spending in January 2021 by sharing her budget, what she spent that month, and she’ll also dissect the budgeting categories she messed up in. 

Budgeting Bare: November 2018 Spending Report

Clo Bare’s personal financial struggles have not stopped her from attempting to become Debt Free by 33. Reaching her finance goals go beyond debt repayment, car loan payments & saving money to travel.

What I Spend in a Month: September 2020 Spending Report

Do you know what you spend in a month? Tracking your spending can reveal interesting patterns in your spending and help you find ways to spend more consciously. In this post, one woman shares the mess-ups and successes of everything she spent money on in September 2020.