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Work with Me

Interested in working with me, collaborating or supporting the Bare?

Great. Here’s all the ways you can support the work I do. 


1. Hire Me to Facilitate a Workshop

Whether it’s how to improve your writing skills, how to approach self-care, or how to create a budget, I’ve spent ten years mastering the craft of facilitating workshops. Whether in-person or virtual, I provide safe-space for workshop participants to dive deep, get engaged, and develop skills they can use in the real world, immediately. 

2. Hire Me as a Financial Coach

Need help in the personal finance department? I’ve got you covered. Within a year of deciding to finally tackle my own personal finance, and get serious about paying off debt, I managed to pay off $20k in debt, while still paying cash for five international trips in one year and saving more than $13k in the process on my five-figure income. A year later, I started investing in real estate, paid off another $20k in debt, and I’m now on track to retire by 46. I am a self-taught budgeting and investing fanatic whose passion is to teach, share, start conversations, create safe spaces to be vulnerable, and answer questions about adulting your money. Learn all about my financial coaching services here: Financial Coaching

3. Have Me as Guest Blogger

I love writing and have had my writing featured in various publications including Thought Catalog, Radical Self-Love Collective, 44MillionPlus, Noteworthy, The Singles Project and The Startup. Always looking for opportunities to write for other publications about any of the topics featured on the Bare.

4. Other Ideas for Collaboration

Above are just a few ways you can support the Bare, but I am always interested in hearing pitches from like-minded publications and organizations. Got an idea for our collaboration? Hit me up at and we’ll get the convo started.


How to Hire Clo Bare

If you’re interested in hiring Clo Bare for any of the above, please send your request to