what I spend a month in chicago

What I Spend a Month in Chicago: May 2021

Want to know what one 30-year old millennial spends a month in Chicago? In Clo Bare’s “what I spend a month in Chicago” series, she shares her spending report for the month including everything she spent her money on, her savings and debt update and her net worth update. 

I don’t know how we’re already halfway through 2021, but here we are, halfway through June and I’m just now getting this May spending report together.

Life has been busy lately, but mostly in good ways.

At this time last year, I had JUST started financial coaching, felt really unsure about it all (but excited), and generally had no idea what I’m doing.

Now? I have a client base of more than 100 folks, about 50k followers across Tik Tok and Instagram, and I’m completely booked for financial coaching sessions until mid-August! 

What is my life?

It’s been an INCREDIBLE year of growth for Clo Bare so far, and I’m excited to see this growth continue. 

But sadly, all this client work means that the blog has been a little bit neglected as of late. Sorry, blog. I still love you, but sometimes we have to adjust.

Anyway, let’s talk about my spending last month, shall we?


Read all my spending reports for the last 2.5 years here.

What I Spend a Month in Chicago: May 2021 Spending Categories

may 2021 spending report

Now a few things to note– yes, it says I spent $10k last month, but this was a long month. It had three pay periods in it instead of two, so all my big expenses that come out of the beginning of the month happened twice. So double rent, double debt, double all those things.


Let’s talk about where I messed up.



See? It continues to be expensive as hell. It’s depressing, really. May was a crazy month of many different doctor’s appointments that eventually made me cry because it was kind of exhausting. I am seeing an integrative doctor who I have to pay $150 to a month for as long as I see her, whether or not I actually see her. It’s like a subscription to her office. And then I pay $160 a week for pelvic floor therapy, paid a bunch on testing, and then I also had an OBGYN/URO appointment that was over $300. So much money. Like that’s more than my rent. I’m really hoping I’ll have some answers soon so I can stop blowing all my money on my health. We’re halfway through the year and I’ve already spend $3k on my health. Is it worth it? TBD.

Special Occasions

I’m starting to realize I spend too much on special occasions. Cause if there’s a special occasion every month, isn’t that just entertainment? This was all on gifts, and honestly that’s what 90% of my special occasions budget is for. But now I only have $1.3k left for my mom’s birthday, my dad’s birthday, my boyfriend’s birthday, and Christmas, so I’m going to have to make it stretch!


I usually try to keep personal at about $50 per paycheck or less, but this ended up being a little bit more because I bought some clothes for summer. I really needed some shorts, and then I decided to splurge and get a few new tops. I spend so little on clothes every year I don’t really mind that I spent this much on clothes one month. It’s fine. It was my birthday.



Travel was high because I spent a bunch of money while down in Mexico with my sister for my birthday! So this included a bunch of excursions, I also paid for one of her excursions for her birthday, and then on my 30th birthday, I drunkenly said yes to a bottle of wine for dinner. That was $150. Who am I???? It wasn’t even a good bottle of wine! When the waiter asked if we’d like a bottle of wine for my birthday, I being already tipsy and full of myself, thought he was going to give us a bottle of wine on the house.


I was wrong.


I had to pay for it.


Like an idiot.

what I spend in a month

Besides that? Not too terrible. I spent less on groceries- probably because I spent a week in Mexico, and I didn’t spend too terribly on entertainment, so I’ll take it.


Let’s move on to the spending report, shall we?

what I spend in a month

What I Spend in a Month in Chicago: May 2021 Spending Report


$5.96, Paypal Fees– Clo Bare

$134, Trader Joes– Groceries

$137, Parking

$100, Bitcoin

$26, ComEd



$9, Toiletries for Travel, Personal

$573, Student Loans

$43, Parking

$150, Doctor

$15, Paypal fees, Clo Bare

$125, Logan Vet

$43, Ticket, Parking



$87, clothes, Personal

$10, Logan Pet Permit

$19, Fitness, Health/Medical



$25, La Michoacana, Entertainment

$20, Breakfast at airport, Entertainment



$426, Excursions, Travel

$150, Wine, Travel

$1,419 Rent

$300 money for trip, Travel



$11, GSuite

$15, Monthly Service Fee, Clo Bare

$30, Facebook Ads, Clo Bare



$1,000 Home Fund

$24, Gas, Utilities

$50, Bitcoin



$50, Groceries

$100, Vanguard IRA



$160, Physical Therapy

$68, Sprint

$2.48, Paypal fees


$75, Allergy meds

$13, toothpaste, Personal

$35, Dinner, Entertainment

$30, Wine (split between personal and entertainment)

$75, Comcast



$30, Lunch with brother, Entertainment

$10, Ventra, Transportation

$31, Jewel, Dating

$50, Bitcoin



$35, Promotions, Clo Bare

$51, Aldi, Groceries

$50, Baby shower gift 

$45, IG promotion, Clo Bare



$25, ComEd

$160, Physical therapy

$100, giveaway, Clo Bare

$61, shorts, Personal

$50, Michoacana and dinner, Dating



$33, Dog food

$124, clothes

$43, bloodwork

$50, Bitcoin



$572, Student Loans

$22, daily planner, clo Bare

$160, physical therapy

$150, integrative medicine doctor

$20, Cruella, Entertainment

$91, groceries



$23, breakfast, Entertainment

$10, dryer sheets- Personal

$53, Facebook ads, Clo Bare

$24, Jewel, Groceries



$21, planner #2, Clo Bare

$638, CFP payment #1, Clo Bare

$10, clicker and treats, Logan

$11, Gsuite, Clo Bare

$295, Fecal Test, Health/Medical

$19, fitness program, Health.Medical



$1,419, rent

$308, Doctor

$60, Gift for going away party, Special Occasions



$160, PT

$195, Honeybook CRM, Clo Bare

Savings, Debt and Net Worth Update


  • $12,000
  • Clo Bare Business: $8,000


  • 401(k): $91,000 
  • IRA: $6,100 
  • Crypto: $489 
  • Real Estate: $58k

Total Savings: $175,589


  • Student Loans: $26k

Net Worth

  • Net Worth w/Business: $149,589
  • Net Worth w/o Business: $141,589


That’s a $5k increase on my net worth if we look at my net worth without my business! When we add the business in, I’m almost at $150k net worth! Woo! That’s almost a $100k difference from last year. 

That’s pretty dang cool, right?

how I increased my net worth by $5k in one month


Now, usually this is where I’d talk about goals for the next month, but as I’m finishing this post up, it’s June 23rd, so that seems kind of silly.

I’d like to keep spending less and as little as possible to set myself up for success if I ever quit my job. I know I’ll be making less than what I’m making now, at least in the beginning, so it makes more sense for me to practice spending less NOW when I’m making more, so that it will be easy when I have no other choice but to live on less.


But that’s pretty much it! Tell me about your summer money goals in the comments, and if you have a question? Let me know!

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how I increased my net worth by $5k in one month

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