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What I Spend a Month in Chicago: June 2021

Want to know what one 30-year old millennial spends a month in Chicago? In Clo Bare’s “what I spend a month in Chicago” series, she shares her spending report for the month including everything she spent her money on, her savings and debt update, and her net worth update. 

And we’re back for another spending report! I can’t believe another month has passed– things are absolutely nuts in Clo Bare land.

If you haven’t noticed, I really haven’t been blogging much.


Because I’ve been working on growing my Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube, while also coaching folks on how to money.

And it’s been wonderful.

But sadly, something has to give, and since I can’t quit my job (yet), it’ll have to be the blogging!


Things have been good– expensive, but good.

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

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What I Spend a Month in Chicago: June 2021 Categories

June 2021 Spending Categories


Remember when I used to spend only $250 a month on groceries?!? What the hell happened! A hundred bucks more. I know I’ve said multiple times that I need to come to terms with spending more in this category since life has been so busy– but it still hurts. This included a Trader Joe’s run, Hungryroot delivery, and a few ice cream and seltzer runs. I don’t think groceries is going to go down anytime soon– but I’m hoping I can spend closer to $300 a month, instead of $350.

Clo Bare

Clo Bare had a few expenses last month– mostly getting Calendly, which is a nice scheduling app, and a few Facebook ads. These expenses don’t bother me, since they’re all business expenses.


Why is it so expensive to just… like be a person? And be a healthy person? It’s messed up, right?

This is mostly from blood work, physical therapy, and my doctor’s subscription fee. I think this will go down in a few months because I’m finishing up with PT, but, we’ll see what happens. 


Personal was a little bit high. Usually I like to keep personal around $100 a month, but I bought some skin care, cleaning supplies, contact solution, hair care, and I split the cost of my Hungryroot box between Personal and Groceries. Expensive personal month– but it was really Hungryroot that sent me over.

Entertainment and Dating

Entertainment was within budget. I’m glad I spent less than $150, but would prefer to keep it at $100 if possible. This was mostly spent on eating out, ice cream, and dinner and a movie with one of my best friends. Dating was a whole $12 more this month, because I also paid for dinner and breakfast one of the weekends we were together.

Special Occasions

I went way over on special occasions because a colleague was going through a rough time, so I sent her a gift card to Grubhub. I also had dinner with some friends and to celebrate their engagement, I brought flowers and some food. I didn’t plan on either, but I like being flexible! And that’s what the category is for.


Why is getting your haircut as a woman so expensive??? That $365 was for a cut, color and tip! Insanity. I hadn’t had my hair cut in over two years, so it was worth it, but I probably won’t cut my hair again for another two years now (lol). I’m cheap af.

Expensive month, as per usual. I really want to start cutting back more so that I’m spending closer to $3k a month, outside of my investments, debt and saving. Which I guess if you subtract my savings, debt payment, bitcoin, and tax payments– I did only spend about $2,600. That’s not bad. 

Read last month’s spending report: May 2021.


Anyway– on to the spending report, shall we?

What I Spend in a Month: June 2021 Spending Report

June 2021 spending categories


  • $9, Gym Upgrade
  • $35. Groceries
  • $15, Toys for Logan
  • $10, Dinner


  • $68, Dinner– Dating
  • $20, Dog Park– Logan
  • $38, Skincare– Personal
  • $16, Cleaning Supplies– Personal


  • $109, bloodwork
  • $160, Physical Therapy


  • $100, Trader Joe’s
  • $15, Razor and Conditioner
  • $20, Candy and Beer– groceries
  • $50, Dinner and a movie– Entertainment


  • $1000, Federal and State Taxes
  • $18, Seltzer and Ice Cream– Groceries
  • $144, Calendly– Clo Bare


  • $21, Jewel– Groceries
  • $100, Bitcoin
  • $74, Comcast
  • $68, Cell Phone


  • $12, Facebook Ads
  • $160, physical therapy
  • $26, ComEd
  • $1,000 transfer to savings


  • $88, Hungryroot
  • $40, dinner and ice cream– Entertainment
  • $17, contact solution
  • $44, breakfast– Dating
  • $37, food– split between groceries and entertainment


  • $50, pet insurance
  •  $72, Instacart
  • $5, Bandanas
  • $44, new keyboard
  • $160, physical therapy


  • $65, flowers and food– Special Occasions
  • $17, ice cream– Entertainment
  • $17, groceries
  • $100, Bitcoin


  • $150, doctor’s subscription fee
  • $572, student loans
  • $50, gift to coworker
  • $12, key copy
  • $23, Nicor
  • $365, hair


how I increased my income by $6k in a month

Total Spent: $5,301

Total Saved/Invested Post-Tax: $1,200

Savings, Debt and Net Worth Update


  • $14,000
  • Clo Bare Business: $11,000


  • 401(k): $95,000 
  • IRA: $6,300 
  • Crypto: $600 
  • Real Estate: $58k

Total Savings: $184,900


  • Student Loans: $26k

Net Worth

  • Net Worth w/Business: $158,900
  • Net Worth w/o Business: $147,900

Woo! My Net worth increased by almost $10k in a month if you count my business! Not bad. I will say though, I’m not sure if/when/how much of that real estate investment I’m going to get back.

Read all my spending reports for the last three years here.


The contractor I work with has been sued for almost a million dollars recently, so I am a little concerned I won’t be getting my $60k back. If that’s the case– my net worth will sink to about $100k. That would friggin’ suck ass, but it’s a lesson– don’t invest a big chunk of money into a risky investment unless you’re willing to lose it.

But ANYWAY, that’s pretty much it for now. I’m not going to go over July goals because it’s July 27th as I’m writing this, so instead, I’ll just say thanks. Thanks for being here. And thanks for reading this if you got this far! 

What are you spending your money on this Summer? Got any fun plans? Tell me in the comments!

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how I increased my income by $6k in a month

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