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12 Weird Side Hustle Ideas to Make Money

Have you heard of people doing unusual things to make money and thought hmm… should I look into that? You might have seen “real” mermaids at a birthday party on your favorite reality tv show or seen ads for hotels and pet food driving past you on the freeway – whatever the case may be, there is no shortage of weird side hustles for you to consider. And at the very least it could be a great story to share with friends and who knows…fun! 

So let’s get into the 12 weird side hustles that you could take on to earn some extra money.  

#1 – Be a friend

Are you a friendly person who enjoys talking to and getting to know new people? Why not consider getting paid to be someone’s friend? Websites like Rent A Friend or Rent a Local Friend connect users with people in their area (or virtually, now that sounds too easy!) with shared interests for some friendly meetups. 

So if you’re willing to free up your time to meet someone new and go to a museum, comedy club or even just talk on the phone – you can go to one of the websites and create a profile. Then potential friends can see your interests, availability and other details and pay for your time to hang out as friends. 

It probably sounds a little strange, but think of it this way – there are many lonely people looking for human connection so why not be your friendly self and show them a little fun?

#2 – Take online surveys

If you enjoy answering questions and sharing your opinions, get paid to take surveys online!

Websites like Survey Junkie and Swagbucks will pay you in gift cards and cash to answer surveys and more. Companies are always looking for people from all demographics to gain insight into your spending habits, the type of media that you consume and so on.

This is an easy way for you to earn money while watching tv, waiting in line or even enjoying your morning coffee. You can complete surveys in your pjs! Is there a better way to make money than that?

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#3 – Professional mermaid 

Was your favorite Disney movie as a kid – The Little Mermaid? If you enjoy parties, socializing, and of course swimming, you might make a great professional mermaid. Agencies work with party and event planners to create unforgettable events for A-listers, theme parks, and corporate events. 

There might be a few requirements like having a lifeguard certification, having the ability to wear a heavy costume and so on. Overall this could be a fun way to make some cash, while interacting with and possibly instructing children in swimming activities. The job specifications will vary depending on the event and the agency handling the bookings. So get your mermaid swim ready and have some fun!

#4 – Become an egg donor/surrogate  

Many of us know someone in our lives who has had or is having a difficult time getting pregnant. Becoming an egg donor is a way for you to help people start a family while making some serious money. We’re talking thousands of dollars.

You do need to qualify to be considered as an egg donor, so if you’re in your 20s, have reliable transportation, and are in a healthy weight range this could be an option for you. Check out some fertility websites to get more specific information and even read through their Q&A section.

Similarly, becoming a surrogate is another way in which you could help couples and individuals who are LGBT, have infertility issues or have other complications starting a family. This can be a lengthy process while the agency prescreens both your physical and mental health, conducts a background check, and eventually a home visit. 

This is not something to be taken lightly, as you will be responsible for carrying someone’s baby to full term. That means, you may be prescribed medications and will need to undergo blood tests, injections, and ultrasounds. While it will be a lengthy and difficult commitment, compensation for surrogate mothers in California can expect to earn between $60,000 – $92,000.

#5 – Advertise on your car

Have you ever been driving down the road and noticed a car wrapped in an ad for graphic design or Monster? Companies like Wrapify and Carvertise match brands and agencies with people for ads or special campaigns. If a company likes your ride, location, and driving habits you could make hundreds of dollars a month!

This is a particularly good opportunity if you commute for work/school and have a relatively new car. You can choose the wrap coverage amount that you’re comfortable with. So whether you’re ok with a couple of doors being wrapped or a full 360 wrap you will be paid accordingly. But, keep in mind that the max coverage will obviously pay the most. Get the car wrapped and make some cash!

#6 – Play video games 

If you’re a video game rockstar you can get paid to coach other gamers through group classes or tutorials on platforms like Gamer Sensei or even Fiverr. You can earn money by sharing your expertise with others so get those tips and tricks ready for other video game lovers to reach new heights.

Now if you’re an elite gamer, you can earn a substantial amount of money by entering game tournaments or streaming your gameplay. Twitch is a popular site for gamers to grow a following and earn subscription and donation revenue. If you’re an incredible player and/or highly entertaining, you can be a top streamer and make up to six or seven figures a year. Bet your partner won’t complain about you playing games anymore! 

#7 – Sell your dirty laundry 

Yes, you read that right… you can sell your dirty clothing including socks, panties, lingerie, and shoes online. This probably sounds crazy, but is it really crazy if someone’s paying for it? Check out websites like All Things Worn or Sofia Gray for the nitty gritty on all things used and how it works.

What’s the saying? One man’s trash is another one’s treasure? Well, this is something like that… 

Now you can use old and dirty clothes to buy something NEW.

#8 – Sell your hair  

Is your hair always getting you compliments from coworkers or friends? Well, you could be growing money right out of your own head! Websites like Hairsellon and Buyandsellhair let you create an account, upload pics and wait for offers to come in. After a while, you could have some regular customers. 

Buyers are frequently looking for virgin hair, so untouched, never bleached hair in varying colors and lengths. If you have naturally thick and beautiful hair, this could be an easy way for you to make hundreds of dollars from one quick haircut. I’ll start growing mine out now!

# 9 – Host a foreign exchange student

Do you have an extra room in your home that you could offer to an international student? 

According to Best Colleges, over 700,000 international students travel to the U.S. each year to study at an American College or University. Students are eager to study at some of the top educational institutions in the world and they will need somewhere to stay.

While some may stay in dorms or have other living arrangements, there are opportunities to host an international student in your home. Services like Apex International Education Partners and Student Room Stay connect hosts with international students that are looking for housing during their time at a U.S. school. You can earn up to $1,500 a month, not a bad gig!

#10 – Donate plasma

Did you know that plasma can’t be made in a lab? Plasma is used to help people with clotting deficiencies and burn/trauma victims. According to the Red Cross, almost 10,000 units of plasma are needed in the U.S. each day and plasma transfusions are often life-saving. 

So if you’re an adult in good health, at least 110 pounds, and meet the other requirements/pass the medical screening, why not help by donating this precious liquid? You can earn hundreds of dollars for your donations and save lives! It’s honestly a win/win. 

#11 – Be a proofreader

Are you like Ross Gellar and constantly correcting your friend’s grammar? Is it who or whom anyone?? Well instead of poking at and annoying everyone around you, get paid for your grammar skills! Companies are always looking for freelancers with a good eye to proofread ads, flyers, and other important pieces of collateral or content. 

You can create a profile on popular platforms like Upwork or Fiverr to let prospective employers know what your skills are and market yourself. That’s also a great place for you to look at competing freelancers and see what they’re charging so you can set your rate accordingly. 

#12 – Professional cuddler 

Are you an affectionate person who loves to cuddle? You’re in luck! With websites like Cuddlist or Cuddle Companions, you can be connected to people in your area who are looking for cuddle buddies. As a professional cuddler, you would create a profile with your personal information, hobbies, and rates.

You can choose to charge by the hour, provide special rates for a block of hours and even extend an offer for overnight cuddles or to be a travel companion. Not a bad way to make some extra cash and possibly travel for free!  

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 12 weird side hustles to help you make some MONEY. So whether you want to play Ariel for children’s parties, sell that long mane of hair, get paid to be a grammar police, or just make a new friend for some extra money. There are countless ways to increase your income. Maybe you never thought about some of the things as side hustles, but people are doing it!

So it might be time for you to think outside the box and get creative to supplement your income.

If you want more tips on managing your money,  I have a free guide for you here. 

After all, weird or not the goal is to earn more so that you can meet your financial goals. If you’re trying to make ends meet, saving for a big purchase like a car or downpayment on a house and increasing your main source of income isn’t possible at the moment. There are plenty of other things that you can do to take control of your financial future, so think about it – it might be more fun and rewarding than you think.

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