Self-Care & The Art of Doing Nothing

I am not chill. It’s hard for me to learn how to relax. If you get anxious at the thought of doing nothing, read on to learn how I spent my birthday this year.

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How I Didn’t Get Better

I was sixteen the first time I went to a psychiatrist. I don’t honestly remember the appointment all that well, but I do remember sitting in the waiting room, getting nervous and thinking I was out of place.  I remember a nice blonde lady calling my name, following her to a small office, and then …

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Am I a Bad Person? The Thoughts We Bury

Deep down, I believe I am a bad person and I never realized that that isn’t normal. I started asking around to see if other people felt the same, and I was surprised to see the responses. Self-perception is king.

Trust, Trauma and the Powers of EMDR

Learning to cope with PTSD is hard. But you are not alone. Follow one woman’s journey to healing through self-discovery, self-care, and (most importantly) self-love.