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The Truth Behind this Photo

This photo popped up on my Facebook feed recently. You know the kind—the ones that make you remember how your gravitational pull used to be thirty pounds lighter, and how that cute little dress you got in China used to look on you, and how happy—oh how utterly happy, and carefree you were!

This photo did immediately make me think that I needed to go on a crash diet to lose 30lbs, well let’s say 40 so I could BEAT my goal weight, and work out twice a day so that I could have more energy—just look at that image—she has so much energy!

It beams from her!

It was only three years ago after all, how could you have let yourself go so quickly

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My First Therapy Appointment is Tomorrow

​I have my first therapy appointment tomorrow.

It’s not my first ever appointment, but it’s the first after six years or so without any therapy or counseling. It seems fitting to talk about my first therapy appointment on my first Clo Bare blog post, seeing as my desire to add more joy to my life is reason for both endeavors.

Part of me is relieved to have finally surrendered to the truth that I need help at this point in my life, and the other part of me is dreading the start of this journey, as if it’s a sign of relapse or weakness. 
It was a long trek last time around, and I never felt like I gained the skills I needed to deal with stress, massive life changes, and the general overwhelmingness that comes along with becoming and being an adult sometimes. 

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