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Personal Growth

My Non-Diet Resolutions

​I’m weirdly vague with my resolutions this year. ​I usually have specific goals, like do a Whole 30 (or 60), run a marathon, lose 27.8 pounds before my birthday, and read 52 books. This year feels different though, as…


Panic Attacks: Self-Care During the Holidays

Self-care during the holidays seems impossible. Avoiding panic attacks can be counterproductive. Learning to properly care for yourself when you don't know how to deal with family, avoid holiday dieting, and all the other stressors is harder than it…

Personal Growth

Dear Wise Mind: Finding Peace in Hard Decisions

Accessing your wise mind is a dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) practice to help ease anxiety and access our true feelings, wants, and fears. Accessing those feelings is essential to personal growth and learning how to manage those unwanted emotions.…