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Why I get Terrible Sleep: 4 Tactics for Tackling Sleep Hygiene

Clo Bare's 4 Tactics to Tackle Your Terrible Sleep Hygiene

I have never been a good sleeper and my sleep hygiene habits are dismal at best. It runs in the family. My little brother is a terrible sleeper, my mom is as well, and from the time that I was a baby, I’ve always had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. My mom would often come in to check on my crib in the middle of the night only to find me wide awake but smiling and happy to see her.

Little has changed in the last 28 years. I take a minimum of two hours to fall asleep once I’m in bed, and I wake up multiple times in an evening to pee or stare off into the darkness and wonder about the meaning of life. I’m a light sleeper as well, with the slightest movement or sound waking me. On average, I get about 5-6 hours of sleep a night.

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Personal Growth

5 Life-Changing Books Every Woman Should Read in 2019

Woman holding book in front of her face.

I’ve been wanting to do a post about some of my favorite books for a while, but have always felt like I had other more pressing things to write about. Well, no more of that. I’m finally taking the time to share some of the books that changed my life in the last year.

The books I list below are all various types of nonfiction, ranging from self-help to rape culture. Each one is incredibly different, but all influenced me in very meaningful ways. The reviews include quick synopsis’s about the books, but I’m also sharing how the books impacted me on this current self-love and “own my own shit” journey.

These books motivated me to change for the better, and the impacts they had on me? That’s what I remember more than the actual books themselves.

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Budgeting Bare

Budgeting Bare: February 2019 Spending Report and Italy Budget Update

Well, folks. It finally happened. I had a good run of staying under budget, two whole months actually, and now… well. Shit happens right?

In February 2019, I went over budget by $89.

And you know what?

I’m still friggin’ proud of myself. I may have gone over budget, but I’ve made so much progress since starting this project back in October! In fact, let’s take a look at just how far I’ve come.

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