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How to Create a Budget Like a Budgeting Bare Pro

This week at Clo Bare, we’re going to talk about how to create a budget. It’s simple, it’s straightforward and I’ll even give you links to download the actual Google docs spreadsheet (yes, I’m ancient and I use a…

what I spend in a month november 2020

What I Spend a Month in Chicago, IL: November 2020

What does a millennial in Chicago, Illinois spend in a month? In this spending report, Clo Bare lists out and explains every expense she had in November 2020, and includes what worked and what didn’t with her finances.…

what I spend in a month

What I Spend in a Month: December 2020

What I spend in a month as a 29-year old millennial in Chicago, Illinois varies but, like many of us, December is always an expensive month. In December 2020, I tracked everything I spent money on and in this…