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30 Easy and Free Ways to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

30 Free and Easy Ways to overcome the Overwhelm | Clo Bare |

I’ve been overwhelmed for a few weeks. That’s no secret. I’ve been burning the candle at both ends. Balancing more than I can carry. And quite frankly, I popped a little, in a controlled kind of way.

All this anxiety and overwhelm and feeling buried under a mountain of feels and annoying habits that make me avoid the feels– I’ve finally had enough. It’s time to deal, recognize and change what might be making me more anxious and overwhelmed than I need to be.

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8 Reminders for the Anxiety-Ridden and Overwhelmed

8 Reminders for the Anxiety-Ridden and Overwhelmed

Life changes sometimes overwhelm me, and lately life changes are more common than things staying the same. In truth, I don’t handle anxiety and overwhelm all that well and I can be kind of prone to it. Usually I get really angry and annoyed. I get fed up with tiny things and my patience runs thin and my sensitivity to bullshit amps up. Other times I shut down completely regardless of whether or not that is the appropriate response.

Basically, anxiety and overwhelm do great at turning me into someone I’d rather not be.

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