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What to do After a Breakup: Relationship Autopsy

My most recent relationship which lasted about six months ended in October. It was one of those endings that felt impending for a while because something just didn’t feel right, but it’s disappointing regardless. At the end of a…


Why I Don’t Date Nice Guys

Dating is hard. Dating is extra hard when you're attracted to douche bags. Clo Bare is no exception, but she's figuring out why her attraction to d-bags beats out her desire to date the nice guys.…


Sex & Secrets: I am Part of The Problem

Going through trauma therapy is a lot harder than I anticipated. Dating while going through trauma therapy is impossible. I'm learning the ways in which I am the problem, and discovering how to overcome and eradicate the barriers I've…


Trust Issues and Tinder

Dating is hard, that's no secret. Online dating is even more difficult when you have trust issues and baggege to work through. Clo Bare talks online dating.…