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Loneliness and Other Feelings I Avoid

Lately, the words “I’m lonely” seem to be on this quiet murmuring track in the back of my brain anytime distractions subside and the fog re-emerges.

I’m lonely. It whispers. My heart beats and it sounds again. I’m lonely

I catch the thought and try to shake it away, and focus on the present, but it comes back into the rhythmic reminder that something is missing.

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My First Therapy Appointment is Tomorrow

​I have my first therapy appointment tomorrow.

It’s not my first ever appointment, but it’s the first after six years or so without any therapy or counseling. It seems fitting to talk about my first therapy appointment on my first Clo Bare blog post, seeing as my desire to add more joy to my life is reason for both endeavors.

Part of me is relieved to have finally surrendered to the truth that I need help at this point in my life, and the other part of me is dreading the start of this journey, as if it’s a sign of relapse or weakness. 
It was a long trek last time around, and I never felt like I gained the skills I needed to deal with stress, massive life changes, and the general overwhelmingness that comes along with becoming and being an adult sometimes. 

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