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investing during a recession.. should you?

Investing During a Recession

Have you wondered: should I be investing during a recession? Is now a good time? Don’t worry– you’re not alone in wondering. In fact, let me share a slightly embarrassing story about the first time I invested. Investing During a Recession Investing while in a recession, or at the beginning of one, may seem counterintuitive.   …

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how to buy stocks online

How to Buy Stocks Online

You’ve learned about the stock market, how it works, and what types of investments there are… and now you’re wondering how to buy stocks online. Let’s break it down so we can eliminate the confusion around buying investments online, and get you investing.

What should I invest in?

What Should I Invest In?

Welcome to the second blog post in this series about learning how to invest as a beginner. In this post, Clo Bare breaks down investing language into easy-to-read pieces so that anyone can understand basic investing vocabulary – not just the Brad’s and Joe’s who went to Harvard for finance. You’ll learn 9 basic investing …

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how the stock market works

How Does the Stock Market Work?

Have you ever wondered WTF the stock market is and how it works? Well, look no further. Today we’re breaking it down so you can finally understand just how the stock market works. When I thought about investing just a few years ago, it’s like my brain would shut off. That’s too hard. Too complicated …

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