The Truth Behind this Photo

Social media is fake, but that’s hard to remember sometimes. It’s easy to think that a photo from our past represented a better time in our life even if that’s not true.

This is Depression

Depression is a funny thing. It sneaks up on you when you least expect it. Somedays, you forget you ever had it. You forget it was there, and that it still pays rent somewhere deep in your brain. Depression is an anchor, that keeps you tethered to your bed.

Float Therapy at Float Sixty

There are lots of ways to treat anxiety, depression and insomnia. Float therapy is a new therapy that has different benefits for all types of ailments.

Me, My Eating Disorders, and This Red Dress

I’ve struggled with eating disorders since I was six years old. From anorexia to binge eating disorder, I am no stranger to the ways in which an obsession with dieting can impact one’s life. Body positivity is what saved me, but it’s been a solid 22 years

Image of multi-colored pills

How I Didn’t Get Better

I was sixteen the first time I went to a psychiatrist. I don’t honestly remember the appointment all that well, but I do remember sitting in the waiting room, getting nervous and thinking I was out of place.  I remember a nice blonde lady calling my name, following her to a small office, and then …

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