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Float Therapy at Float Sixty

It’s dark. 

It’s so dark you can’t see your hand in front of your eyes, or the lashes on your eyelids. It’s the kind of darkness that makes you see things that can’t really be there, like random shocks of red light, or an incomprehensible low throb of light pulsing in the edges of your vision. 

It’s silent, but you can hear– hear isn’t the right word– you can loudly feel every movement inside your body– the crack of your spine, the pulse of your organs, the click of your fingers. 

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Personal Growth

Self-Care & The Art of Doing Nothing

For my birthday last weekend, I pledged to myself that I’d do absolutely nothing all weekend in order to rest up, practice some self-care, and relax before three consecutive weeks of traveling.

It’s something I’ve always wanted to do for my birthday—sleep in until 10 am all weekend, eat a whole box of chocolates, drink champagne while reading some nonfiction, lounge on the deck, and order takeout while never changing out of my pajamas.

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Body Image Mental Health

The Truth Behind this Photo

This photo popped up on my Facebook feed recently. You know the kind—the ones that make you remember how your gravitational pull used to be thirty pounds lighter, and how that cute little dress you got in China used to look on you, and how happy—oh how utterly happy, and carefree you were!

This photo did immediately make me think that I needed to go on a crash diet to lose 30lbs, well let’s say 40 so I could BEAT my goal weight, and work out twice a day so that I could have more energy—just look at that image—she has so much energy!

It beams from her!

It was only three years ago after all, how could you have let yourself go so quickly

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Panic Attacks: Self-Care During the Holidays

Holy, moly.

Are you feeling the craziness of the holidays?

Are you struggling and feel like everyone is enjoying their holidays while you’re slumped over your gift wrapping station with a bottle of merlot and a few tears sliding down your face thinking about the never-ending credit card debt you’ve racked up while your boyfriend sits on the couch and asks what’s for dinner and your dog drools over the wood floors you JUST finished Swiffering?
Guys, I’m struggling.

And I’m writing this post for all those who are struggling right now too. 
You’re not alone.
​And it’s okay to feel a little (or a lot) overwhelmed

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Anxiety Mental Health

Anxiety Sucks

It was a hard week. 

My anxiety levels have been so high, I can almost feel my body buzz from an electric current of restlessness.  

At work, we’ve entered the busiest time of the year, and although the end is in sight, the thought of all the things that need to happen in the next 9 business days has lit my brain on fire.

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