Don't Quit Yet 6 Signs Your Boss Wants You To Stay

Don’t Quit Yet: Six Signs Your Boss Wants You to Stay

Are you feeling stuck in your current role? Maybe you’ve realized that you are grossly underpaid or that your company doesn’t provide a lot of opportunities for growth. These are common situations that many of us have found ourselves in that leave us wondering, is it time to quit?

The truth is it might be…but, don’t run off to update your resume and cover letter just yet.  In this post I’ll share 6 important signs that you should be looking out for, that can be clear indicators that your boss wants you to stay. If your boss is demonstrating a few or all of these signs, you might want to consider having a conversation with your boss before making the decision to quit.

A study by the Society for Human Resource Management shows that on average employers will need to spend 6 – 9 months of an employee’s salary to recruit and train their replacement. 

That’s huge! Trust me, your boss and company do not want to go through that process if they can avoid it. Especially, if you’ve established your position as a top contributor and valuable member to your team. 

So let’s get into the 6 signs that you should be on the lookout for and what you should do with this new information! 

6 Signs Your Boss Wants You to Stay

Sign #1 – Your Boss Gives You Promotions and Pay Increases 

The first and possibly most clear sign that your boss wants to keep you happy and make sure you stay is if they give you promotions and pay increases. Companies are not eager to give employees more money without a good reason and if your boss is going to bat for you, they are showing that they value you and want to make sure you are happy. 

On the flip side, if you are getting promotions without pay increases – you should probably start running. A new job title with increased responsibilities can be good for growth and development, but ultimately we’re all at work to make money! 

What you should do: Celebrate the win! Always acknowledge your accomplishments because you worked hard and earned it. But, also ask your boss what led to this promotion or increase and try to understand how you can replicate this pattern. The more information you have about what your boss values and appreciates most, you can use that information for your benefit. One promotion is great, but 2 is even better and so on…

Sign #2 – Your Boss Talks About Your Goals and Future with the Company 

Another great sign is if your boss takes the time to have frequent one-on-one meetings with you and shows interest in your career goals. These one-on-ones are an opportunity for you to build a relationship with your boss and be open about the areas that you would like to develop further. Additionally, it’s the perfect time to discuss how they can help you in achieving your goals and establish timelines.

However, if your boss is having these conversations with you and nothing seems to change – they might just be a talker or not have the authority to move things along. Don’t be fooled by ongoing discussions that don’t result in any significant change. If you see other employees reaching their career goals while yours seems to be on pause, you could be in the wrong department or just not impressing the right people. Ultimately, you might be better off finding a company that is more invested in their employees’ development and growth.

What you should do: Try to take the most proactive approach to your professional development possible. So that means if your goal is to be an Account Manager, get the job description for that role and ask your boss to help you develop the skills that you will need to get there. You need a clear path forward and what better way to get there than with a roadmap and the person who can help you improve those skills by your side. 

Sign #3 – Your Boss Values Your Opinion 

If your boss frequently asks for your opinion, it’s a pretty strong indication that they think of you highly and value your input. By actively seeking your opinion, your boss is showing that they trust your expertise and recognize your contributions. It’s an incredible vote of confidence in your abilities and proves that your boss wants you on their team to help them keep looking good! 

What you should do: This is a great opportunity for you to take the reins and brainstorm before your boss asks for your input. If you know they will likely ask for your opinion, be ready and wow them! You want to get to the point where your boss will look to you and trust that you will have something great to add each and every time. 

Sign #4 – Your Boss Praises Your Work 

Does your boss give you compliments on your work and express gratitude to you often? This might seem like a nice touch on your boss’s part, but it could be a pretty good indicator that they value your efforts and your work. If they value the quality of your work, they more than likely want you to stick around and keep producing for them.

What you should do: Pay close attention to what your boss is praising in particular. If they don’t give you specifics, ask for them! By gaining a better understanding of what impresses your boss, you can consistently hit the mark and produce exceptional work. This will not only help you achieve your career goals but also leave a lasting impression on your boss. Use whatever insights you can gather to enhance your performance and stand out as a top performer.

Sign #5 – Your Boss Gives You More Responsibilities 

Is your boss giving you more responsibilities? Maybe even responsibilities that are of increased difficulty or importance? Well, that’s a great sign! It means that your boss sees potential in you and wants to see you grow and develop. Accepting new tasks and duties not only demonstrates your competence but also increases your value to the organization and your boss, 

As you take on more responsibilities, your boss will find it increasingly difficult to replace or train someone to take your place. While no one is indispensable in a workplace setting, there is certainly a stickiness factor that can work in your favor if you are able to deliver results. 

Now if your boss is just dumping things on you without proper guidance or support, this is not a constructive situation and is not intended to help or elevate you. 

What you should do: Always accept new and greater responsibilities and look at it as an opportunity to impress! Again, if you are able to lighten your boss’s load, you will become increasingly valuable and that means more opportunities for growth and development. 

Sign #6 – Your Boss Trusts You to Work Independently 

Does your boss trust you to do your work without checking in often or asking for updates? 

That’s likely because you’ve established that you’re a reliable employee that can consistently complete assignments and meet deadlines. That’s a great reputation to have and employers appreciate having someone on their team that they can count on.

What you should do: You should continue to do a stellar job, while keeping an eye out for increased opportunities. If you feel that you can take more on, ask for it. Your boss already knows that you’re reliable and smart, and they will appreciate your desire to continue growing while lightening their workload. So keep up the good work, stay proactive, and don’t be afraid to push yourself to achieve even greater success.

Final Thoughts

Is your boss showing many or all of these signs? Awesome! That means you’re in a better position and have more power than you think. So while quitting may seem like the only solution, remember, it can be expensive and time-consuming for companies to replace a valuable employee. So it’s essential to have a conversation with your boss before making any decisions.

Overall, recognizing these signs that your boss wants you to stay and having open communication with your boss can help you determine where you should stay or move on. Sometimes, all it takes is a conversation to realize your true value and potential within a company.

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Don't Quit Yet 6 Signs Your Boss Wants You To Stay

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