Personal Growth

If you haven’t noticed by now, Clo Bare is a personal growth junkie. But not the kind of self-care junkie that buys a product and claims it to be self-care– she’s the kind of personal growth junkie that stares her issues in the face and works through them no matter how scary or difficult.

Extroverted Introvert: Battling Loneliness while Traveling Alone

One of the things that I like about traveling alone is the ample time for self-reflection. With that much alone time, self-realizations come in waves, and my recent trip to Italy made me re-think a few things about myself in relation to extroversion, introversion, and loneliness.

Rejection and How to Keep Going Anyway

Everyone who has gone through essay, short story or article submissions has experienced at least one writing rejection. But they all want you think believe they’re the most successful writers, so most of them won’t tell you about their lack of success.