Personal Growth

If you haven’t noticed by now, Clo Bare is a personal growth junkie. But not the kind of self-care junkie that buys a product and claims it to be self-care– she’s the kind of personal growth junkie that stares her issues in the face and works through them no matter how scary or difficult.

what I spend a month in chicago

What I Spend a Month in Chicago: May 2021

Want to know what one 30-year old millennial spends a month in Chicago? In Clo Bare’s “what I spend a month in Chicago” series, she shares her spending report for the month including everything she spent her money on, her savings and debt update and her net worth update. 

Dear Wise Mind: Finding Peace in Hard Decisions

Accessing your wise mind is a dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) practice to help ease anxiety and access our true feelings, wants, and fears. Accessing those feelings is essential to personal growth and learning how to manage those unwanted emotions.