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what I spend in a month november 2020

What I Spend a Month in Chicago, IL: November 2020

What does a millennial in Chicago, Illinois spend in a month? In this spending report, Clo Bare lists out and explains every expense she had in November 2020, and includes what worked and what didn’t with her finances.

what I spend in a month

What I Spend in a Month: December 2020

What I spend in a month as a 29-year old millennial in Chicago, Illinois varies but, like many of us, December is always an expensive month. In December 2020, I tracked everything I spent money on and in this post, I share what I spent money on and how my budgeting plans went.

Budgeting Bare: March 2019 Spending Report

FAM– I am back on budget. At least for March. As it turns out, I still haven’t (fingers crossed), had to pay anything extra for the car rental in Italy. I’m still expecting some large bill to randomly show up, but I’ve got insurance to help that when it happens.