Personal finance coach and budgeting guru, Clo Bare, helps folks overcome their money issues, get out of debt, and make their money work for them in order to live a life most aligned with their values.

July 2020 Spending Report: How I Lived Off 10% of My Income

Want to see what one woman spent money on for the entire month of July? In Clo Bare’s July 2020 Spending Report, Clo Bare will cover all her spending for July, share an exciting update about her current savings as well as her current net worth. 

No Spend Month Results & May + June Spending Reports

Curious about a “No Spend Month” but not sure if it’s right for you? In this post, I’ll explain my no spend month including how it went, how much money I saved, and how I failed. I’ll also cover everything I spent money on in May and June. 

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Budgeting Bare: January 2019 Spending Report

Budgets are not meant to stay the same. Life changes and your budget should adjust accordinlgy. In this post, Clo Bare shares her spending report for January 2019, and talks about how she’s needed to adjust her budget to achieve success.

Budgeting Bare: December 2018 Spending Report

It’s no secret that budgeting is difficult, and Clo Bare has been trying to budget for approximately 27 years. In December 2018, Clo Bare FINALLY stuck to a budget, and shares her spending report.