Millennial Money Guest Posts

In this series, Clo Bare shares the money stories of millennials from all over the globe. They share what they spend in a month and how they navigate money.

What One 33-Year Old Spends in Chicago, IL | Millennial Money

Eric from Simple Savings Cents shares what he spends in a month as a 33-year old in Chicago, IL. From food stamps to banker, Eric shares how he got out of credit card debt and started his journey towards financial freedom.

What One 29-Year Old Spends in Georgia: Millennial Money

Timmya shares her money journey from serving in the Peace Corps in Eswatini with almost $80k in debt to starting her path to financial freedom. Read what Timmya spends in a month as a millennial in Georgia.

What I Spend in a Month: Ming in Houston, TX

Read what one millennial spends his money on in a month as a 26-year old living in Houston TX. After growing up in poverty and becoming a first-generation college student, Ming is now on the path to wealth and financial freedom.

What One Millennial Spends in Portland, Oregon

What One 27-year Old Spends in Portland, OR: Millennial Money

Alvy Macias shares what he spends in a month as a 27-year old millennial in Portland, Oregon. From growing up in a household that had to use credit cards to stay above water to getting on track to be a first-generation millionaire, read one millennial’s journey into financial independence.