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investing during a recession.. should you?

Investing During a Recession

Have you wondered: should I be investing during a recession? Is now a good time?

Don’t worry– you’re not alone in wondering. In fact, let me share a slightly embarrassing story about the first time I invested.

Investing During a Recession

Investing while in a recession, or at the beginning of one, may seem counterintuitive.


Should you be investing or saving? Learn now.


I mean– you’re putting money into a market that’s down… with the hopes that it will somehow make your money grow?


But it’s down! It’s been down all year!! I’ll put my money in and it will ALSO go down!!!!


I get it.


In fact, the very first time I invested on my own was with a **drumroll please** Robinhood account.



My Embarrassing Experience with Robinhood


I know, I’ve shat on Robinhood in the past AND I STAND BY IT.


Ya see… I didn’t know what I was doing.


So what did I do?


I opened an account with Robinhood, and picked a few ETFs and stocks that I had NO IDEA what they were… and panic watched them daily to see if I made any money.


Learn about bear markets.


I blame my little brother– he’s the one who got me started with Robinhood (hi, Ethan!)


Robinhood would send me pings daily to let me know– HEY! YOUR INVESTMENTS ARE GOING DOWN MAYBE YOU WANT TO SELL?!


I think I lasted like a week before I said screw this investing thing, it’s scam, and sold my investments for a loss.


I took the L, and swore off investing for a few more years.


But here’s where I messed up…


I was buying individual stocks, and ETFs I didn’t understand.


I also did not have any context for how the stock market worked.


And would have never believed that when stock prices are going down??


That’s the time to keep on buying.


How to Invest the Cheapest Way Possible: Investing During a Recession


Why the actual hell should you be investing right now? 


Because this is an opportunity to buy your investments at a deep discount.


Think about it like this.


Imagine your favorite store of all time that NEVER GOES ON SALE, let’s use Apple cause we know they never go on sale, suddenly went on sale for 20% off… maybe even 30% off.


Would you immediately run out of the store and say ABSOLUTELY NOT, I WILL NOT BUY ANY OF YOUR PRODUCTS UNTIL YOUR PRICES GO BACK UP!!!!


Of course not.


That sounds ridiculous, right?


Instead, you’d go online and either buy what your normally would buy or stock up on a few things you’ve been wanting to get.


The idea of running out of a store when it goes on sale sounds ridiculous… but what if I told you it happens all the time?


With the stock market.


Instead of investing during a recession, so many people have told me that they aren’t investing this year… because the stock market is down.


I get it though.


The stock market can be a scary place if you don’t know what you’re doing.


But I want you to keep imagining, friends.


Imagine all of a sudden 500 of the largest, strongest companies in the US went on sale for 20% off.


And there’s a special bundle deal that allows you to buy ALL of them together for one price AND??




Inside of that package, if any of those companies start underperforming and not making money…


They get KICKED out of the bundle and replaced with a new company that’s doing better. And you didn’t have to do anything!


You just keep holding onto it and benefitting from the fact that you own all those badass companies.


Kind of cool, huh?


This is the power of investing during a recession.


Well, that’s what it’s like investing the lazy way.


Now, I know we could talk about this for a while… so here’s what I’m going to do for you.


I am hosting a FREE class to help you learn about the importance of investing, even when the market is down, and how to do it in a way that is easy, automated, and lowers the risk for you. 


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I’m doing this for you, so I better see you there!


Here’s what you’ll learn:


🔥 How the heck you even make money in the stock market

🔥 What compound interest is and how it makes you money

🔥 Why most investors fail… but not you.

🔥 How to save money on taxes…

🔥 And how to invest the easy way… NOW, not next year.


You ready for this? Ready to get the help you need?  You ready to start investing even if we’re in a recession?


It’s time to try something new, rather than trying to go at it alone.


Let me help you. Because you deserve this.


I’ll see you there, live.


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investing during a recession... should you?

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