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How to Make Money on Maternity Leave 4 Low Stress Ways

How to Make Money on Maternity Leave: 4 Low Stress Ways

Are you and your partner talking about starting a family together? How exciting! But, are you also wondering how you’re going to cover all of your expenses while on maternity leave? Maybe you’re in the beginning stages of your pregnancy and thinking how am I going to do this? 

Pregnancy and maternity leave should be a beautiful and stress-free time for new moms and families, but in our world of rising cost of living expenses and side hustles becoming the norm – it’s necessary to plan ahead for any time off of work. While there are many ways to generate income without going into an office, I’m going to focus on things that you can do at home and on your own schedule. 

After all, isn’t the whole point of being on maternity leave to spend as much time as possible with your new little bundle of joy? That and ensuring you have time to recover and rest after a pregnancy. This means convenience and flexibility are key during this time.

So let’s get into the many ways that you can make money while being at home with your newborn.


One of the most flexible and baby friendly ways to earn money during maternity leave is through freelancing. Numerous online platforms offer opportunities in various fields, including writing, graphic design, programming and more. These platforms connect freelancers with clients worldwide, allowing new mothers to work from the comfort of their homes and during their preferred hours.  


1 –  Content Writing


Freelance content writing allows you to put your writing skills to use and produce articles, blog posts, social media content, and website copy for clients. Platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr provide access to a wide range of writing opportunities. As a new mother, you can choose projects that align with your expertise and availability – making this an easy transition into earning money while on maternity leave. Trust me, the possibilities are endless!

2 – Graphic Design


Do you have an eye for design? Freelance graphic design is another great opportunity for a new mom needing the flexibility of remote work. You can create logos, brochures, social media graphics, and other visual content for businesses. Platforms like 99designs and Dribbble can help you find clients who need help with design work. So you can work on numerous projects throughout the day while caring for your newborn. 


Level of Difficulty


Freelancing generally requires a specific skill set and expertise. That’s not to say that you can’t learn and develop a new skill – because believe me, you can. While it may be challenging to find and secure clients at first, having a portfolio ready and networking can help get your foot in the door. Overall, the effort required to acquire a few clients will be well worth it when you’re able to enjoy your maternity leave without stressing over bills or racking up your credit card each month.

Online Teaching or Tutoring

If you have a background in education or expert level knowledge in a particular subject, online teaching or tutoring could be a great remote work option for you. Whether it’s advanced math or MCAT tutoring, many parents look for online tutors for their children. There are a number of platforms available to connect qualified individuals with these opportunities. This will allow you to make good use of your expertise and be home with your baby. 


1 – Language Teaching


Platforms like VIPKid and Italki enable you to teach English, French or other languages to students around the world. The best part is, you can set your own hours and work from home! Dust off those college language skills and tailor lessons to suit your availability. This will allow you to have a flexible schedule that accommodates the needs of your newborn.


2 – Subject Tutoring


Are you a history buff or a science buff? Websites like and Chegg offer opportunities to provide academic support in various subjects, including math, science, history, and more. You can choose subjects aligned with your expertise and schedule tutoring sessions accordingly. So now you can get paid to talk about subject matter that you’re knowledgeable and passionate about while being at home! 


Level of Difficulty 


Wondering about the qualifications and how you can apply? Some platforms may require teaching certificates, degrees, or a minimum level of education. So a background in education or expertise in a specific subject is certainly to your advantage, but it’s not necessarily a requirement. Each platform can offer insight as to the criteria to become a tutor. Check it out!

Turn Your Hobbies into Money Makers 

Do you have a hobby that people admire or compliment you on? Cash in on that! Whether it’s making flower vases or bedazzling coffee tumblers, you might enjoy making something that people want to buy. Maternity leave can be the perfect time for you to take your hobbies and turn them into a business venture. What better opportunity to spend time decompressing while working on projects that make you happy and get you paid! 


1 – Handmade Crafts


Are you known for being crafty? Maybe you make decorations for every holiday or enjoy knitting. If you have artistic skills, think about creating and selling handmade crafts through platforms like Etsy. Whether it’s jewelry, Christmas ornaments, pottery, knitting, or painting, there is a market for unique, handmade products like yours. 


All you need is a dedicated workspace at home and you can work on your crafts throughout the day while caring for your newborn. 


2 – Baking or Cooking


Do you have the most delicious lasagna or pie recipe? Are your dishes always the star of the office or neighborhood potluck? If your idea of a relaxing time is hours spent in the kitchen, you can offer catering services for small events or provide home-cooked meals for busy families in your neighborhood. This allows you to combine your love for cooking and culinary skills with the flexibility of working from home. 


Not only will your home always smell like a yummy meal, but I’m sure your busy neighbors or friends will greatly appreciate your services. You can schedule your cooking or baking tasks during your newborn’s nap times or when you have help from a partner or loved one. 


Level of Difficulty


Your success in turning your hobbies into a profitable business will depend on factors like the quality of the goods, nearby competition and marketing efforts. It may take some time and effort to establish a customer base and build an excellent reputation, but this is an opportunity for you to do something rewarding and fulfilling with whatever free time you may have while at home and taking care of your baby.

Passive Income Streams

Do you wish there was a way to make money in your sleep? Well, there is… kinda, hear me out – Creating passive income streams can be an amazing way to generate money while focusing on your newborn. Passive income requires work to start, but once things are set up it will continue generating income without requiring much time or effort. So essentially, yes, at some point you can be making money in your sleep! Interesting right?



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Blogging or Affiliate Marketing 

Are you a storyteller or do your friends and coworkers always ask where you bought your latest sneakers or lipstick? Having a new baby will be a wonderful new experience in your life filled with many learning opportunities and just as you may turn to Google or your favorite mommy blogger for advice, you too can document your experiences and thoughts or feelings throughout the process.

Blogging will allow you to have a platform from which to share your stories and experiences with other moms or future moms while being at home with your new baby. Similarly, affiliate marketing whether it be baby goods or maternity clothing could be an easy and fun way for you to share your shopping finds with moms looking for inspiration. You probably follow accounts that are doing exactly that and making great money doing it. So why not you? 


Stock Photography 

Do you have an eye for photography? Why not take advantage of your photography skills to generate passive income? Whether you choose to photograph your new baby, nature in your backyard, home decor or a cute pet – there’s no shortage of things that you could photograph and sell to a website like Alamy or iStock Photo. Check out their websites for info on commission ranges and payment structures. 


Rental Property

Does your family have a vacation home or rental property that doesn’t get much use? Consider renting it out as a source of passive income! Rental home platforms like Airbnb and VRBO can help you list your property and connect with potential renters. This is a great way for you to generate income without actively working on a daily basis.


Level of Difficulty 

Generating passive income is an ideal way to supplement your household income during maternity leave. It gives you the opportunity to frontload a lot of the work to establish the business and then work on growing it while it’s already generating income. Establishing passive income streams will require some initial investment, along with research and planning. Do keep in mind that some of these businesses may take time to generate significant returns, so patience and a long-term perspective are necessary.

Final Thoughts 

As you prepare for maternity leave and the wonderful journey into motherhood, think of the skills, interests and strengths that you currently have. Is there something in particular that stood out to you? Whether it be freelance graphic design, tutoring, making jewelry, photography or affiliate marketing, there is an opportunity for you to use your interests and area of expertise to generate income while being at home with your newborn. 


So get creative and tap into the things that you may have told yourself you would do if you had the time. This is the time! And who knows, maybe you’ll find that you’re able to generate enough income to continue doing freelance work or other projects long after maternity leave is over. Take control of your financial future and get started today, we all know moms can do anything! 

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