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Investing 101 & 102 Masterclasses: How to Build Wealth without the Headache

Investing can be confusing, but it’s essential to building wealth. In this class, we’ll cover the basics so that you can get started.

Do you feel like you should be investing but you have no idea where to start?

Are you worried that the money in your 401k or IRA isn’t working as hard for you as it should be?

Are you scared you might not be able to retire if you don’t figure out this investing thing?

Are you a little wary of financial advisors and would rather learn on your own?

Then these masterclasses are for you.

In these classes, we’ll demystify the basics of investing, including:

Investing 101: October 26, 7-9 pm CT

1. What you need to do BEFORE you start investing

2. Discovering your ideal investment style

3. Understanding the basics of retirement accounts

4. Different types of investments

5. Basic terminology and key terms

6. Investing Myths

7. Q&A

Investing 102: November 2, 7-9 pm CT

1. How you make money by investing

2. Different Strategies: Long term-investing vs Short term, DCA vs Lump Sum

3. The Impact of Fees

4. Robo Advisors vs. DIY

5. Different brokerages and Step By Step how to Open an Account

6. Portfolio Allocation Strategies

7. A Look into Clo Bare’s Investing Portfolio

8. What to start doing IMMEDIATELY

9. Q&A

What you’ll need: Access to internet, computer, and note taking materials


1. What if I can’t attend live?

No worries– we’ll be recording and all ticket holders will receive a link to the replay.

2. Will there be replay links?


3. Do we have to purchase both classes or just one?

I recommend purchasing both because I will likely answer a lot of questions you have throughout each class. If you join and don’t have the background knowledge from the other class, you may feel behind, more confused, or ask questions we’ve already addressed in previous classes. However, if you’d LIKE to just purchase one class, I won’t stop you. We’re all adults here.

4. Is this class good for beginners?

This class was MADE for beginners, so absolutely 🙂

BONUS! If you also want to take Money 101 to learn more about money management, budgeting, and all that good stuff– you can buy Money 101 for only $20! Just be sure to purchase the bundle ticket.


If you purchase both classes I’ll also throw in:

1. Directory of Money Resources and Recommendations

2. Free budgeting template that I personally use.