100 Debt Free Affirmations to Help You Thrive

100 Debt-Free Affirmations to Help You Thrive

Are you ready to tackle your debt and live a debt-free life? Awesome! Let’s get you started!

Speaking from personal experience, I know how overwhelming it can be to look at those numbers on a statement and think to yourself “How will I ever get out of debt?”

Well, it starts with your mindset and a commitment to yourself that you honor every day.  

As of 2020, it’s estimated that 80% of Americans have consumer debt. That means that less than 20% of Americans are debt-free! In this post I will list 100 debt free affirmations to get you started on achieving your goal of being debt-free.  

How to Use Debt-Free Affirmations

Below is a list of 100 debt-free affirmations, but what do you do with them? I suggest starting with 2-5 minutes of saying the debt-free affirmations to yourself each day. The purpose is to instill confidence and get into the habit of saying these powerful and positive messages to yourself.

We know there is scientific evidence that saying positive affirmations has a load of benefits (including decreasing health-damaging stress). 

For me, it’s important to understand WHY I am doing something so that I am more likely to do it. When it comes to saying debt-free affirmations, one insight has helped me the most: Observational Selection Bias

Put simply, it’s your brain’s bias toward recognizing something more once it’s been pointed out. 

I believe that saying these affirmations out loud and focusing on the words as you say them will allow you to fully absorb the messaging. It will give your brain the signal to start looking for the truth of the message in your day-to-day life. 

Just as you would with any confidence-building or self-improvement affirmations, saying these debt-free affirmations will start to change your mindset when it comes to your debt and your ability to overcome it. 

Living a debt-free life will improve your confidence, lessen your stress levels and provide an overall sense of achievement.

List of Affirmations to Get Out of Debt

1. I am worthy of a debt-free and financially abundant life

2. I am in control of my spending habits 

3. I release myself of all debt-related shame  

4. My financial goals are well within reach 

5. I can live a financially prosperous and abundant life

6. I am confident in my ability to make smart money decisions

7. I am constantly attracting money 

8. I am open to receiving financial wealth 

9. My debt doesn’t define me

10. I can make smart financial choices

11. I will be debt-free and financially secure  

12. I am grateful for the money that flows into my life

13. I can and will pay off my debt

14. Financial health is important to me and I am making choices that reflect that

15. I can save more and spend less and feel great about it

16. I am proud of the financially responsible person I am becoming

17. My future self will reap the benefits of today’s efforts

18. I am happy building new and healthier financial habits

19. I am in control of my financial future  

20. I am worthy of a financial life I can proud of

21. I attract financial abundance and prosperity 

22. I am dedicated to a new life of conscientious spending 

23. I am committed to make smart financial decisions each day 

24. I am capable of achieving financial success 

25. My finances are improving daily

26. I am worthy of a rich and abundant life 

27. I can attract and seize financial opportunities

28. I am in control of my finances 

29. Achieving financial wealth is inevitable 

30. I am empowered to go after the financial life I’ve always envisioned 

31. I am creating a life of wealth and abundance 

32. I can be free of all financial constraints 

33. I am actively working towards my financial success

34. Money and wealth seek me

35. I am grateful for the financial opportunities that come my way

36. I can create a rich life without debt

37. I am ready for a financially abundant life 

38. I am becoming a financially savvy person 

39. I am capable of achieving financial stability 

40. I am empowered to live a life of financial wealth and abundance 

41. I am proud of my financial achievements so far

42. I am worthy of the money and opportunities that come into my life 

43. I can envision a life of financial prosperity 

44. I am ready to receive financial blessings 

45. I will be debt free in (number of months/years) 

46. I am more financially responsible than ever before

47. I respect and attract money 

48. From this moment on, I am committed to a debt-free life  

49. My financial goals are achievable and I am working hard to achieve them

50. I can achieve more than I ever dreamed possible 

51. Wealth and financial freedom are within reach

52. I am ready to live a financially abundant life

53. I can be responsible with my spending

54. I am grateful for the financial blessings I have received

55. I am attracting a life of financial abundance and freedom  

56. I will be debt free and ready to achieve my next financial goal

57. I am intelligent and capable and can achieve financial success

58. I can earn more money and overcome my debt 

59. Every day I choose to be debt-free

60. Today I will take another step toward my financial freedom

61. My financial life will be as great as I want it to be  

62. I am setting myself up for wealth and financial prosperity 

63. I am ready to receive whatever opportunities come my way

64. I am open to the possibility of a great financial future 

65. I am confident in my ability to grow my income 

66. I can easily learn to spend less and save more 

67. I will continue to grow my finances and overcome my debt

68. I am capable of overcoming my financial hurdles and living my dream life

69. I am moving into the next chapter of my life, debt free

70. I choose financial security and independence 

71. I am confident in my ability to live a debt-free life

72. I will not hurt myself financially with mindless spending

73. I can improve my financial situation starting today

74. I am ready to live a life of abundance in all areas of my life  

75. Overcoming my debt is the first step on my path to financial success 

76. My commitment to a debt-free life will benefit all areas of my life 

77. I have a plan to get out of debt and I am executing it daily

78. I welcome change into my life and am ready for the blessings that come with it

79. I am grateful for the opportunity to overcome my debt and improve my finances 

80. My life is full of riches and money will always surround me

81. I have the power to improve in every area of my financial life

82. I can easily pay off my debt and achieve financial freedom

83. My financial future is more important than spending on things I don’t need

84. I will prove to myself that I am capable of financial independence 

85. I have the ability to generate wealth 

86. I can live a happy and debt-free life 

87. I will not live in fear and fully embrace the opportunities before me

88. My life will be full of abundance and wealth 

89. I can overcome my debt and free myself of financial stress 

90. I make financial choices that will benefit my future self 

91. I am certain that my finances will continue to improve each day

92. I am capable of changing my relationship with money

93. I will forgive myself for the money mistakes I’ve made in the past 

94. My income potential is limitless

95. I choose to focus on my financial path forward

96. I will create a life of wealth and financial security 

97. I am prepared for a future of financial freedom and stability 

98. My debt does not determine what my financial future will be

99. I will no longer allow my debt to occupy my mental space

100. I am capable and will transform my financial life and future

What Now?

As you begin to transform your relationship with money (and your thoughts about your relationship with money), you might start to notice different obstacles repeat themselves. I honestly believe that my relationship with money would not have improved if I did not improve my mindset.

Because this is such an important step in finding financial freedom, I made an entire guide on mindset, budgeting, and more that you can download for free here

It’s important to load your toolbox. If you keep approaching the same problem with the same tools, nothing is going to change. Something as small as saying a debt-free affirmation or downloading the Money Right Guide could change your financial future. 

Personally, I started by saying #5. Where are you going to start?

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100 Debt Free Affirmations to Help You Thrive

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