Budgeting Bare: April 2019 Spending Report

I fucked up. In April 2019, I went over budget by $474 and my spending is buck wild.

With every budgeting and debt-free journey comes massive fuck-ups or derailments, right?

Well it was finally my turn in April.

My budget got tossed out with the bathwater, and my mindset switched to “screw it” after a fender bender that caused me to blow the budget.

Sometimes over spending is inevitable, but what do you do when the "fuck-it" mindset creeps in and you lose all motivation to care about your budget? Clo Bare #budget #budgeting #spending #budgetfuckups #howtobudget

Now, let’s be honest. I can partially blame the fender bender but only partially. Yes, in this pay period, it cost me money in the form of a rental car and extra Ubers.

But, that rental car only cost me $107! And the Ubers were under $50. Where did the rest of that money go?

It went to the “Fuck-it” mindset.

You know the one– the same black and white thinking that we all use when trying to change an old habit or start a new one. We fuck up once and immediately we think– “Ah I already fucked up for today/this week/this month/this year. Might as well start tomorrow/next week/next month/next year.”

It’s seductive in the ease of which the “Fuck-it” mindset allows us to delay and procrastinate by stacking excuses so high against us we never set out to actually achieve what it is we want to do.

That was me these last couple of weeks. And I’m trying to get things back into control now.

Sometimes over spending is inevitable, but what do you do when the "fuck-it" mindset creeps in and you lose all motivation to care about your budget?

Budgeting Categories

Let’s start by looking at the categories, and I’ll explain later.

Clo Bare$160$121$39
Transportation/Car Insurance$260$629-$369
Utilities/Cell Phone$360$310$50
Sometimes over spending is inevitable, but what do you do when the "fuck-it" mindset creeps in and you lose all motivation to care about your budget?

The Fuck-Up’s Explained

1. Transportation

With the fender bender, it’s probably no surprise that I went the most over budget in transportation. Besides the rental car which put me back an unexpected $107, I also had to purchase a few Ubers to get around when my company, due to a recent promotion, provided me with a company car a few days after I got the rental car.

It ended up being a god send seeing as my tiny fender bender ended up resulting in my car posting up in the shop for two weeks. Had I not received a company car, I would have had four times the cost in rentals. Not only that but right before I got in the car accident, I had my oil changed for $140 and then, with the new company car, came a new expense–I spent $150 on city stickers in order to park on the street in Chicago.

Yay living in an urban area!

So transportation alone set me back $629, instead of my usual $250 or less a month in expenses.

2. Personal

I have no good excuse here. I went out on more dates than usual. Broke and replaced my roommates trinket dish from Anthropologie. Got dumped and bought shoes. I bought my bridesmaid dress for my best friend’s wedding next year. I bought gifts and went through multiple shampoos and conditioners to figure out which one made my hair less oily.

It was just an expensive time and the “fuck-it” mindset justified it all for me.

Normally, I probably would have just waited for my next budget period to work these things in but I was feeling sad for myself and slightly overwhelmed and decided– “fuck-it.”

The good news is now I have some super cute shoes for some hot dates, but the bad news is I need to get out of the habit of spending so much.

3. Entertainment

Oh entertainment. How you always slay the single, 28-year-old Chicago dweller.

I went out on way too many dinners with friends and on too many dates. I need to cut back again. My ass has been a lush since Italy, and it’s time to reel it in and start sticking to my goddamn budget and doing free/cheap stuff.

Luckily, the weather is getting nice! So that means free things like walks and beach time and more walks. I need to readjust and cleanse myself of insane spending, especially when it comes to eating out.

Grateful Thoughts

I know I fucked up. But I’m trying to relax. It’s not a big deal and ultimately I’m grateful and lucky that the only repercussion from overspending at this point in my life is delaying the day that I become debt free. That’s pretty fucking lucky.

Anyway… On to my slightly shameful spending report.

clobare.com Clo Bare April 2109 Spending Report, what to do when the "fuck-it" mindset sets in when budgeting
3/29/2019$20.00Quarters for LaundryPersonal
3/29/2019$38.00Groceries Groceries
3/29/2019$27.60Broke Roommate’s Trinket DishPersonal
3/30/2019$63.00Dinner DatePersonal
4/1/2019$100.00SEOClo Bare
4/1/2019$440.00Student LoansDebt
4/2/2019$26.00Gas and snackTransportation/Car Insurance
4/2/2019$20.00Dinner with FriendEntertainment
4/3/2019$729.87Car PaymentDebt
4/3/2019$180.00Bridesmaids dressPersonal
4/3/2019$14.00Pinterest AdsClo Bare
4/4/2019$350.00Car PaymentDebt
4/5/2019$17.00Shampoo ConditionerGroceries
4/5/2019$12.00UberTransportation/Car Insurance
4/5/2019$83.00Lagunitas DateEntertainment
4/5/2019$16.00UberTransportation/Car Insurance
4/6/2019$18.00Lagunitas DateEntertainment
4/6/2019$27.00Lunch with FriendEntertainment
4/8/2019$28.00Dinner with FriendEntertainment
4/10/2019$10.00Dunkin DonutsGroceries
4/10/2019$32.00Dinner DatePersonal
4/11/2019$176.75Cell phoneUtilities/Cell Phone
4/11$5.00Vending Machine at WorkGroceries
4/12/2019$1,000.00Car PaymentDebt
4/13/2019$30.00GasTransportation/Car Insurance
4/12/2019$34.00Dinner with FriendEntertainment
4/13/2019$8.99Nose Pads for GlassesPersonal
4/13/2019$32.00Makeup wipes and skin carePersonal
4/14/2019$56.00Milwaukee TripEntertainment
4/14/2019$15.00ParkingTransportation/Car Insurance
4/14/2019$13.72Gift for FriendPersonal
4/15/2019$138.28Oil ChangeTransportation/Car Insurance
4/15/2019$107.00Budget Rental CarTransportation/Car Insurance
4/16/2019$73.09Hair CrapPersonal
4/17/2019$50.00Friend’s BdayPersonal
4/17$15.00UberTransportation/Car Insurance
4/17/2019$13.00GasTransportation/Car Insurance
4/19/2019$13.00UberTransportation/Car Insurance
4/16/2019$94.00InsuranceTransportation/Car Insurance
4/21/2019$7.00Insta PromotionClo Bare
4/21/2019$41.00Indian FoodGroceries
4/20/2019$30.00Movie and drinkEntertainment
4/22$150.00City Stickers for Company CArTransportation/Car Insurance
4/22/2019$133.33UtilitiesUtilities/Cell Phone

Total Spending: $6,013.63 (holy fucking shit, right?)

Total Debt: $59,531.31

Clo Bare May 2019 Spending Report; Budget goals

The Light in the Shit Storm of Over Spending

I will say– there were some good moments in all of this! I put oer $2,000 on my car, ticking my overall debt to UNDER $60,000. That’s a big freaking deal and I’m pretty pumped about that.

Budget Goals

Surprisingly enough, I stuck to some of my goals that I laid out in my March 2019 post. I did budget for clothes— I just went over budget. I also put that $1,000 I wanted to put on my car on my car, and then some. That’s not bad! BUT… I definitely didn’t calm down on the eating out or stick to my budget or even bring in $400 in freelance… Whoops.

As for May 2019 goals?

  1. Pay off my car.
  2. Stick to my goddamn budget.
  3. Budget for birthday expenses.
  4. Stick to my goddamn budget and stop eating out so damn much.

In Other News

If you can’t tell by the excessive cursing in this post, I’ve been a little cranky. I think I’m struggling to find the ever-elusive balance that feels nearly impossible to achieve. With this recent job promotion (yay!) I’m working a bit more and finding a little less time for things like the blog. It’s definitely time to reevaluate and prioritize.

How’s your budgeting going? Have you ever gone on a spending spree after doing well for several months? After tipping the scales too far in one direction, how do you regain balance?

2 thoughts on “Budgeting Bare: April 2019 Spending Report”

  1. Love these budget posts! Something that seems to be working for me, as another individual with massive amounts of student loan debt, is each time I pay off a set amount of money (~$5k), I reward myself by buying a few things that I’ve been wanting (but definitely don’t need).

    For example, I just paid off my credit card (~$2.5k) and now I’m rewarding myself by buying two new plants, a big fancy mirror for the bedroom, and a shoe rack for the closet. Then I have to get back to business and pay off another $5k before I can buy any more fun things. Seems to work well for me!

    1. I LOVE that idea! So you budget how much you spend on your splurges?? I think maybe I’ll give that a try. I feel like that’s kind of what I did here but did it unplanned and uncontrolled but I like the idea of controlling those impulses by planning it. Like we all get to the point where we will pop from being too debt repayment focused— makes sense to give some breathing room.

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