Body Image

Clo Bare has dealt with body image issues for as long as she can remember but in the last couple of years she’s started to gain more confidence and acceptance with her body while also recovering from multiple eating disorders.

I have a secret.

I’m overweight. I have fat. I’m tired of trying to hide it, and feeling like I’m not worth as a human being because I’m overweight.

The Truth Behind this Photo

Social media is fake, but that’s hard to remember sometimes. It’s easy to think that a photo from our past represented a better time in our life even if that’s not true.

Me, My Eating Disorders, and This Red Dress

I’ve struggled with eating disorders since I was six years old. From anorexia to binge eating disorder, I am no stranger to the ways in which an obsession with dieting can impact one’s life. Body positivity is what saved me, but it’s been a solid 22 years

Fuck Flattering Friday

Clo Bare is tired of impossible beauty standards and listening to her eating disorder brain. Enough is enough. Self-love is more important than flattering.

How to Stay Body Positive when it Feels Impossible

Eating disorders, anxiety symptoms & depression: Not what you want to associate with what’s supposed to be the most transformative time of year. Learn how to navigate these feelings.