40th Birthday Party Ideas on a Budget

40th Birthday Party Ideas on a Budget

Are you looking for some amazing party ideas to celebrate the big 4-0? Perfect, we have so many ideas for you!  

In this post, I’m going to share some fun birthday party ideas for budgets of all sizes. 

So whether you have $500 or $5,000, you and your friends can celebrate your 40th birthday by doing something that’s cool, memorable, and, equally important – won’t break the bank! 

No need to stress or get in debt, there are some incredible things that you can do to celebrate the start of your 40s that won’t put a dent in your savings.

5 Birthday Party Ideas for a $500 – $1,000 Budget 


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1- Wine Tasting 

Do you and your friends love wine? A fun and budget-friendly idea for a party in the $500 – $1,000 range is a wine tasting party. You can buy several bottles of different wines and set up a cute little tasting for your favorite people. Go to Pinterest for some fun charcuterie board ideas that’ll compliment the wines and provide Instagram-friendly photo ops for your guests. 

Budget-Friendly Tip: If this is sounding a little too rich for your wallet, you can always ask your friends to bring a couple of bottles of their favorite wine instead of a gift. Then you’ll have a nice selection of wines for everyone to taste and it’ll be a great conversation starter for people to talk about their picks! You can provide snacks/food and create the ambiance for a night full of wine and laughter. 

2- Paint Night

Are you and your group the creative types or maybe you want to try something new? A paint night is a fun activity for your friends to tap into their inner Picasso and leave your party with a new piece of artwork they can display in their home or office! You can find many options for paint party instructors that will travel to you and provide the materials. That means all you have to do is a little party decorating and preparing some fun drinks and snacks!  

Budget-Friendly Tip: If you have a smaller group or hosting a party is just too costly, check online for local paint and sips and reserve seats for your party. Most places allow you to BYOB! So you can show up, paint and enjoy the night with friends without having to decorate or spend too much on pricey cocktails at the venue.

3- Outdoor Movie Night 

Does your crew love a good movie marathon? Are you Harry Potter or 007 fans? Then a movie night might be a great party idea for you! If you have an outdoor space, you can set up a projector to play the movies with big blankets or inflatable mattresses for everyone to get super comfy. No outdoor space? No problem, you can do the same thing indoors! Make it as cozy as possible and have plenty of your favorite snacks to pass around.

Budget-Friendly Tip: If hosting and feeding everyone is stressing you out, you could save some money by looking at your local park events and inviting everyone to attend a city-wide movie night in the park. Everyone can take their own drinks and snacks or you can assign something to each person so you’re sure to have every category covered. Because everyone knows you need salty and sweet!

4- Karaoke Party 

Do you like to sing? Why not spend your 40th birthday singing your heart out to all your favorite songs! There are plenty of affordable options on Amazon for Bluetooth microphones and even sets with speakers. You could make it a themed party and ask your friends to dress up like their favorite musician or choose a decade for guests to narrow down their picks. Add some fun decorations and it’s sure to be a party you’ll never forget! 

Budget-Friendly Tip: Is the thought of buying equipment causing you stress? Head to your local karaoke bar and grab a big table for your group. Be sure to get there early to claim the best spot and set up some birthday decorations!

5- BBQ/Picnic Outdoors 

Probably one of the most budget-friendly options on this list will be a BBQ or picnic. So pick your favorite local park, pack up some burgers, buns, and all of your favorite sides, and get ready for a fun day at the park. Set up can be super easy with big picnic blankets and decorations. Don’t forget to pack some card games like Uno or Cards Against Humanity for people to enjoy. 

Budget-Friendly Tip: Make it a potluck! Ask your group to bring their favorite side dish or dessert and then you can focus on the main dish and snacks. There are plenty of ways to make your party fun and affordable so don’t be afraid to get creative and do things your way!

5 Birthday Party Ideas for a $1,000 - $2,000 Budget

1- Boat Cruise

How does a boat cruise with friends sound? If you live near a marina or lake you can rent a small boat for a few hours and enjoy a boozy brunch or sunset cruise with friends. Pack up a nice spread with all of your favorite charcuterie snacks and drinks. You can play music, admire the scenery, and enjoy the cruise with your crew. 

2- Comedy Show

Do you and your friends like to go to comedy shows? Check out the schedule for your local Improv or Laugh Factory and book some tickets! Most venues have a two-item minimum per guest so make sure to factor that cost in as well.

3- Concert 

Is there a band or musician that you’ve been wanting to see? A concert is a great idea for a 40th birthday bash! All you have to do is show up, grab a drink and enjoy the experience. It’ll be a memorable night of singing along to your favorite songs with your friends.

4- Spa Day

There’s nothing like a relaxation day, right? So book a day at your local spa and get treated to a facial, massage, or mani/pedi. Your girls will love a day of pampering, rejuvenation, and juicy gossip!

5- Brewery or Winery Tour 

Celebrate your big 4-0 by toasting over and over again at a local brewery or winery! It’s a fun experience to learn about the ingredients and process of brewing and wine making. Plus, you’ll have a great selection of drinks and food items readily available.

5 Birthday Party Ideas for a $2,000 - $4,000 Budget

1 – Professional Sports Event

Are you a big sports fan? Then head to your local stadium for a game, you can book box seats for your group and enjoy the game in style. Drinks, food, and thousands of fans are sure to make this a memorable birthday for you. Don’t forget to rock your favorite team wear!

2 – VIP Night Club Experience 

Do you want to spend your birthday dancing with your best friends? Try a VIP nightclub experience! Bottle service, comfortable seating, and guest list front-of-the-line access so you can celebrate your 40th in style.

3 – Music Festival

If you’re a music festival lover or have never been – it’s an exciting and fun experience anytime, but perfect to celebrate a big birthday! Whether EDC, Lollapalooza, Stagecoach or Coachella are more your speed there seems to be a music festival almost year-round these days. So check out the lineups, grab your best friends, and plan those outfits because it’s going to be a blast!

4 – Private Yacht Party

Have you always wanted to party on a yacht like your favorite rapper? Why not make it happen for your 40th! You can rent a private luxury yacht for you and your friends to enjoy a day in the sun with your favorite drinks and amazing food. The crew can recommend spots for snorkeling or you can just sunbathe and take in the views.

5 – Luxury Spa Day  

Would you rather have a luxurious spa day with your closest friends? Then slip into your plush robe, get a full body massage, try the aromatherapy and hydrotherapy, and enjoy! You and your friends can relax by the pool with champagne and even try the latest in skincare technology like cryo t-shock treatments. Indulge girl, it’s your birthday!

5 Birthday Party Ideas for a $4,000 - 5,000 Budget

If you’ve made it this far down the list, get ready because the sky’s the limit! So think big and choose the credit card that’s going to get you the most points. Your 40th birthday party celebration is going to be something you’ll never forget!

1 – Weekend getaway 

Grab your best friends and jet off to Miami, FL, or Las Vegas, NV for a weekend trip! If you prefer something more lowkey you can look into San Diego, CA, or Austin, TX. With a $4,000 – $5,000 budget you can stay at a swanky hotel, explore the city and indulge in some amazing meals and local nightlife. You might even be able to get a spa treatment and do a little shopping!

2 – Wine Country Excursion 

Do you want to spend your birthday exploring wine country, USA? Then head to Napa Valley, CA just north of the San Francisco Bay area for a weekend of fine dining, winery hopping and amazing scenery. Napa Valley has over 400 wineries and 150 restaurants to choose from, so whether you prefer a small tasting room or an Italian Tuscan castle is more your speed – you are bound to find an experience to fit your needs.

3 – Private Beach/Lake House Rental

If you have a big group of friends/family and flying out somewhere isn’t feasible, check Airbnb or Vrbo for a great beach or lake house rental. There are numerous listings in desirable and scenic locations that will be the perfect space for you and your guests to celebrate your 40th! You can stock up on everyone’s favorite food items and plan for dinners and BBQs around a fire pit. 

4 – Luxury Yoga Retreat

Are you a yogi and would rather celebrate your birthday by taking apple cider vinegar shots? Then a luxury yoga retreat might be the perfect trip for you and your group! With luxurious accommodations, daily yoga sessions, therapeutic spa services, and private chef dinners this experience is something you and your group will be talking about for years to come. 

5 – Private Chef Dinner Party with Wine Pairing

Have you always wanted to host a dinner party like the Kardashians? Your 40th birthday party is the perfect opportunity to let your inner Kardashian/Jenner out and pamper your guests with a lavish and intimate dinner party. Personalized menus, beautiful centerpieces, and a meal and wine pairing that you and your guests will talk about for months. What could be better?

Final Thoughts

Your 40th birthday is an incredible milestone and cause for celebration! So now that you have 20 ideas for your birthday party, all you need to do is decide on your budget and guestlist and start planning. Need budgeting help? Download my free guide to help you here. 


Whether you’re a foodie, yogi, sports fan, movie buff or artist in the making – there is something on this list that you and your group can enjoy. Whatever you choose to do, have the best time, and Happy Birthday from the Clo Bare Money Coach Team!

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40th Birthday Party Ideas on a Budget

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