20 money question to ask your partner this year

20 Money Questions to Ask Your Partner

Trying to get on the same page with your partner and your finances for next year? Then it’s time to get to talking about money. Use this list to make sure you and your partner crush your money goals next year!

It’s that time of year, when the world falls in love… and it’s time to talk about money before the end of the year! 


Talking about finances with your partner is so important, but at the same time, so few people want to talk about it. There’s can be a lot of shame, confusion and embarrassment around money which can make one partner, or even both, reluctant to open up about this topic.


But here’s the thing– many couples start with the numbers. The money nerd gets super excited to talk spreadsheets and percentages, and they come to their non-financially-inclined partner ready to dive in to the data.


But what does the non-financially-inclined partner do?


Their face glosses over and they wish they were anywhere else in the world other than having this conversation with their partner right now.


This is what most couples get wrong when talking about money.


Instead of diving straight into the “HOW” of how you’re going to get your money right– you need to start with the “WHY”, the dream, the desire.


Tell each other a story.

A story about your dreams.

A story about your desires, and where you see your life going together.


Couples who dream together– make shit happen together.

Dreaming is fun after all– planning on the life you want together, the what ifs if we could never worry about money again, the things we’d do if we could <<insert goal here>>. That’s the fun stuff.


And that, my friends is what we need to start with.

Then once you’ve nailed down that dream?


Then begins the tactics, the numbers and the strategy.


So, if you’re ready to get talking to your partner about the dream and the how? 


Check out this list of 15 questions to talk to your partner about money.



20 Money Questions to Ask Your Partner at the End of the Year


  • What do you want to accomplish financially next year? This can include savings, investments, debt, donations, and FUN things too.


  • Are there any big savings goals we should plan for? How about mid-sized?


  • What’s something you wish we’d done differently with our money this past year?


  • What’s something you’re glad we did with our money this last year?


  • What were some of the high points with money this last year?


  • How about the low points?


  • Has anything about our dream life (the WHOLE REASON YOU’RE DOING THIS FOR!) together changed?


  • Is there anything about our financial future that scares you?


  • Is there anything about our financial future that excites you?


  • Any new, big, financial changes we might be expecting? A baby? A house? An in-ground pool or a football sized trampoline? Loss of income? Change of jobs?


  • Are you concerned with loss of income?


  • What would we do if one of us lost our job?



  • What’s one thing personally you’d like to do better with your money next year? And vice versa.


  • Is there anything I need to know about our financial situation before the new year?


  • What was the best thing you bought this last year?


  • Is there anything you want to work towards next year?


  • Is there anyone in our family we may need or want to support next year?


  • Is there anything we’ve procrastinated on in the last year that we should handle now?


  • Is there anything about money you want to learn next year?


Have this Conversation At the End of the Year But...

You can have this conversation at the end of the year– but don’t forget to check in on your money goals and dreams throughout the year. 


Make these dates fun– light some candles, order in some tasty food or make a fun meal at home, and pour the drinks. This is supposed to be fun.


And if you’re a single person reading this– remember– these questions are great for self-reflection as well.


If you’re looking for more questions to ask either for self-reflection or as a couple– be sure to download my free Get Your Money Right guide with journal prompts and conversation starters.

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20 money questions to ask your partner this year

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