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Can a Woman Pay child support 6 factors that determine child support payments

Can a Woman Pay Child Support? 6 Factors That Determine Child Support Payments

Do women pay child support? The answer might surprise you! Learn more about what courts look for when making child support decisions

Side Hustle Roadmap 5 Steps to Making Extra Money

Side Hustle Roadmap: 5 Steps to Start Making Extra Money

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Rich vs. Wealthy 5 Key Differences

Rich vs. Wealthy: 5 Key Differences

Would you rather be rich or wealthy? Most people are surprised to learn they’re not the same! Learn the five key differences between these often misunderstood terms.


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Hey, I'm Chloé Daniels , better known as Clo Bare Money Coach on the internet. In the last two years, I've taught nearly 200,000 people how to build wealth... the lazy way.

Chloe Daniels Clo Bare Money Coach

Here's the thing. When I went from being $70k of debt and living paycheck to paycheck to having more than a $200k networth in the span of 3 years?

The peace, freedom and options that gave me? It's a level of peace I want everyone to experience.

I believe that a better, more equitable world where people take care of each other? It begins with getting more money into the hands of more people.

And I’m on a mission to do exactly that.

Let’s get more money into your pockets, so you can live your life on your terms.

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I am $67,866 in Debt

From massive student loan debt & car payments to wining & dining with friends: Clo Bare is on a mission to learn how to budget & save now so she can plan for the future.

why you need a high-yield savings account

Why Everyone Needs a High Yield Savings Account

Heard all the fuss about a high yield savings account but you’re not sure if it’s right for you? Let’s breakdown exactly why everyone needs …

The #1 thing people get wrong when saving money

The #1 Thing People Get Wrong When Saving Money

What’s the number one thing people get wrong when they’re trying to save money? They focus WAY too much on the small money issues, instead …

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